2 thoughts on “West Point Grad Arrested For Defending Woman Abused By Austin Police

  • Resist Tyranny

    Good post Chris. I believe once The World got to see what OUR Police did to OWS and OUR 1st Amendment Rights, the Police have ZERO credibility in The American Patriots’ eyes now … even some sheep have turned full force gail. The NDAA 2012 has pretty much sealed Revolution here in the States in many of our eyes … RIGHTFULLY SO! FREEDOM not Fascism. I’d suggest to any person who took an oath to examine the words and meaning of that simple Constitutional document, then search your soul. Oathkeepers.org will have that document for you, if you’ve never really read it, or need to refresh your memory.

    • ChrisInMaryville Post author

      Thank you. I fully agree and am quite familiar with Oathkeepers. Keep up the great work, as we have a very large job ahead of us, which is why we must continue to work together.

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