Utah wants to Register Gardens! Agenda 21? 17

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Here is an article from June 30, 2012 Herald Journal www.hjnews.com The State wants us to register our garden to keep track of food resources.

17 thoughts on “Utah wants to Register Gardens! Agenda 21?

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  • Flick

    There’s nothing wrong with freaking out if the situation warrants it. I work as a contractor for DHS and I resent that government and contractor employees are now referred to as resources. And you’re absolutely right that, when government speaks, words have defined meanings. Judging by how eager people were and are to put their facial recognition and iris images on Facebook and MySpace, I’m sure this program to register gardens will be another big hit. And yes, as another person mentioned, it will later become mandatory as part of our “patriotic” duty.

    I believe it was in Tennessee that fedgov agents were doing voluntary “preparedness checks” of private homes, wanting to see what kinds of things each home had stored away for use in an emergency. They are most assuredly NOT doing these things for our benefit. Clue: it has recently come to light that the government secretly called on the country’s five major banks to prepare themselves for collapse by creating stress recovery plans to be used in the event of worst-case scenarios. They know it’s coming, and they want to make sure that they know where to get what they may need if and when they need it.

    There is no longer a Constitution. Appeal to it no more. There is now only slavery or freedom. Got militia?

  • Oz

    Just the other week the President updated an EO which completely supports this mind set of “we”.
    Very collectivist.
    If it’s for the good of the nation, we own it.

    If you haven’t read Liberal Fascism yet, do so.

  • Robert Dow

    I’m not a lawyer, but I’ve studied law. I always get the better of my lawyer friends because as you mentioned in your video with law and government types every word has meaning and no word is used by accident.

    In true acedemic pride like the scarecrow in the Wizzard of Oz my lawyer friends never listen to anything that I warn them about ahead of time, are amazed when it turns out that I’m right, but never learn from there mistakes.

    Yet there was one word than you didn’t catch in you commentary, but it sent chills up and down my spine. It was the part about state officials claiming, “we want to hear about – YOUR PLOT” Are we registering our gardens or are we registering our own graves? Will they kill us for our gardens and then bury us there? People have killed for vineyards in the Bible so why not in Utah?

    Robert Dow
    Post Office Box #81
    Red Bank, NJ 07701

  • Jessica Lauren Annis, BURPl, MCIP, RPP

    This is pure Agenda 21. Gov’ts always start with a voluntary project to induce acceptance, then move to a mandatory program. For instance, the City of Toronto (where I live) several years ago induced people to accept “smart” water meters in exchange for upgraded water service. Now “smart” water meters are mandatory even if you do not get upgraded water service (i.e., bigger pipes). Next will come rationing, even though 20% of the world’s fresh water is located less than 2 km. from my house. The implementation of Agenda 21 has destroyed Ontario’s rural economy, now it is coming to the cities to finish the job. Unfortunately, for the most part, Canadian urbanites still believe that, while they may make some mistakes, the government has good intentions. I am a land use planner who has been fighting these horrific policies for 9 years without understanding their origin until very recently. Thank goodness for Americans like yourself that are exposing these issues.

  • fherschelman

    I don’t think you are imagining things. I am anticipating they will next want you to install a beacon in your garden or on your property that enables an overhead drone to confirm that the garden they have detected on your property is registered. Failure to confirm such registration will result in swat teams swooping down on your property seizing everything you own and arresting you for growing illegal substtances. Minimum sentence: 20 years.

  • CS Murphy

    OMG. This is absolutely Agenda 21. Alabama has banned it. It is very real. Thanks for the post. And thanks to infowars for picking it up.

  • SimplyRed12

    This is 100% Agenda 21! They must really truly believe WE THE PEOPLE are ALL so Dumbed Down that WE will Report’ Our Gardens. This is another Agenda 21 Scheme that needs to be exposed! Once everyone registers ‘They’ Confiscate it, Remove the Owners and Nazi War Criminal George Soros buys up the land. This is Vial and Disgusting! This should go Viral! Thanks SO MUCH Chris for Posting!

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