UPDATE! Assumption Parish Louisiana (Bayou Corne) Information – Sinkhole growing

UpdatedLatest post on the sinkhole status here: Video Assumption Parish, Louisiana Bayou Corne Sinkhole 8/21/13 of Trees being sucked into hole


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Assumption Parish Louisiana (Bayou Corne) Information – Sinkhole growing, what a salt cavern is – Videos & Google Earth Pictures of the areas

If you aren’t aware (due to MSM, more concerned about celebrities) there is a serious problem happening in Assumption Parish, Louisiana. There is a sinkhole that has been growing and is 1500 feet from a liquid butane (reportedly 1.5 million barrels) salt cavern. Salt caverns are made to hold every type toxic chemical and oil and radioactive waste.

Update – 7:35 PM – Radioactive results from water in sinkhole.

In June the bubbling of Bayou Corne was reported. It was natural gas bubbles coming up.

It was a local story.  People said their houses have been moving on the video and have cracked in areas.

I tried to embed the video but it won’t work.  Here is the news video story in June about the bubbles in the bayou.

On Aug 3rd a mandatory evacuation of the area went out. 

 Napoleonville, La. –
NAPOLEONVILLE, La. (AP) – Gov. Bobby Jindal declared a state of emergency Friday in Assumption Parish after officials ordered an immediate evacuation of the Bayou Corne area because a slurry area appeared to be expanding.
“The fear of the unknown prompted the evacuation order,” said John Boudreaux, director of the parish’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. “The fear of it possibly compromising either the nearby pipelines or cavern storage areas, that could cause a risk to the community.”
Boudreaux said about 150 homes are affected by the order. He was unsure how long it would remain in effect. The governor’s emergency proclamation extends through Sept. 2 unless terminated earlier.

Here is one local news story about it.  
From above link:

Cartwright said they never thought their salt cavern, which was plugged and abandoned in 2011 and isn’t used to store natural gas, would be behind the gas bubbles and tremors. But seismic readings from the U.S. Geological Survey were able to narrow down the concentration of the earthquakes to the western edge of the dome, which is where the Texas Brine salt cavern lies.


Cartwright said the well was abandoned after the company unsuccessfully tried to work over the cavern for additional resources in 2010. That was when they noticed there might be a possible breach in the dome because the well failed a pressure test. The well was then taken out of service.


Vice President of Operations Bruce Martin said they disclosed all the issues they knew about the well to the state Department of Natural Resources.


“I don’t think anyone was able to see this coming. In fact, our own experts predicted that if a cavern at this depth were to fail catastrophically, it would be extremely unlikely or improbable that it would manifest itself at the surface. So you can imagine our surprise when the sinkhole developed,” Cartwright said.

Here is a site that has all kinds of links and information about it too. 

This is a great site with information about it, including the previous problems with the salt cavern.

Then in July a sinkhole began. Here is the main site Assumption Parish Police Jury. to visit for the latest information. They have up all of these links on one of their latest posts:
The picture site in bold is a great place to see all the flyover pictures that have been taken.

Bayou Corne Web Information Portals

Assumption Parish Blog

Assumption Parish Police Jury Site

Assumption Parish Photo Site

Assumption Parish YouTube Channel

Assumption OEP Site

Louisiana DEQ

Louisiana DNR

Louisiana GOHSEP

Phone: (985) 369-7386
Fax: (985) 369-7341

Here are short flyover videos from this morning of the sinkhole

Notice this one has the water all the way up to the one platform area. So the Sinkhole is bigger than just where we just see water.

I have screen shot some Google Earth pictures of the area. It seems there are many salt caverns there. They all have some type of pipe lines going into them.

Assumption Parish Louisiana (Bayou Corne) Information

Assumption Parish Louisiana (Bayou Corne) Information - Sinkhole growing

What is in all of these spots?  What type chemicals etc?  We know there is concern about a liquid butane cavern.  It would be nice to know exactly which of these spots that cavern is.

Then of course there is information that the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) of Louisiana hid the problems of the cavern that has created the sinkhole since 2010.  The DNR guy resigned this last week without reason (called a sinkhole) and Jindal immediately gave him another cushy job on the LSU supervisor board.  

But of course that is the way of the government on the State and Federal Level, protect the corporations at all cost, forget the people.   Then when you get caught, then you get promoted to another area of the government.

Here is what the salt dome/cavern looks like.

Assumption Parish Louisiana (Bayou Corne) Information - Sinkhole growing, what a salt cavern is

Assumption Parish Louisiana (Bayou Corne) Information - Sinkhole growing, what a salt cavern is - Videos & Google Earth Pictures of the areas

MSM is completely silent on this.  Yes the Olympics are happening, but they have time for stupid celebrity news!  Yet people have been evacuated and will not be allowed back for at least one month now!  This is a huge story that is being ignored by MSM!

This is something to watch.  Let’s hope somehow they get control of it.


Update 8/14/12 – Situation Summary

Update 8/14/12 — Residents worried about explosions happening, they are going to move the butane

Flyover 8/13/12

8/14/12 – Examiner article – “If an explosion occurred”, distance affected and more information:


 A possible breach of a butane-filled well 1500 feet from Bayou Corne’s sinkhole, the size of three football fields, is so “very serious,” it has Assumption Parish sheriff and local residents ordered to evacuate worried about a catastrophic explosion, one according to scientists in an Examiner investigation, would be in the range of one and a half B83 thermonuclear (hydrogen) bombs, the most powerful United States weapons in active service.



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