U.S. Chamber cavalry arrives to help Mitch McConnell


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U.S. Chamber cavalry arrives to help Mitch McConnell




The US Chamber says that McConnell is a “true conservative.”

I suppose, if securing a $3 billion earmark so that Senator Reid could declare victory (but oh so short lived) in the government shutdown is “conservative.”

And don’t forget completely wussing out on the debt ceiling deal. Very conservative.

This is Karl Rove and company here. This is the establishment thinking that the GOP might just win the Senate and they don’t want to lose a Senator who would become the Leader. The Chamber and much of the establishment need someone who will set an agenda in the Senate commensurate with their interests. God forbid McConnell be deposed by some small government Tea Party cretin.

Even if McConnell were to be primaried the establishment need not fear losing control completely in the Senate. Next in line for GOP leader is John Cornyn, a Bush guy.

But it would be an embarrassing blow and the Chamber has had quite enough embarrassment from the GOP caucus on the other side of the Capitol thank you very much.

(From The Washington Examiner)

“The people of Kentucky have a true conservative champion for American free enterprise in Senator Mitch McConnell. McConnell has a 92 percent lifetime score with the U.S. Chamber. We appreciate his efforts to fight back against the war on coal, and to protect Kentucky jobs from the harmful policies coming from Washington, D.C.,” said Chamber National Political Director Rob Engstrom.

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