Trump Wants Chinese Parts Out of American Weapons

By Nick Sorrentino

Against Crony Capitalism

October 8, 2018


Trump Wants Chinese Parts Out of American Weapons


Trump Wants Chinese Parts Out of American Weapons


This does seem logical. Even in a completely free trade situation having vital components of US weapons systems developed and manufactured by a country with the ambitions China has would be unwise. Yet, we have allowed this to happen.

Not that making components outside of China is some guarantee of security, but one should be prudent where one can. I wouldn’t want to be a US pilot flying a plane that relies on a Chinese manufactured chip that’s for sure.

Of course, we must point out that far too much money is going to weapons and the military industrial complex these days. It is a key area of crony capitalism and an area that costs taxpayers dearly.

(From Defense One)
“Reliance on single producers within the supply chain, dependence on unstable or unfriendly foreign suppliers for critical components, and misplaced presumption of continued preeminence of American military superiority are examples of findings that should be immediately addressed,” Carlisle, a retired Air Force general, said in a statement.
The Aerospace Industries Association, another trade group that participated in the review, issued this statement: “Ultimately, while it is essential that the Administration focus on addressing the specific challenges facing the industrial base, none of the advancements in acquisition policy, key capabilities or workforce will matter without adequate DOD budgets.”

The Aerospace Industries Association,” this should give you an idea of what is driving this new Trump policy, at least in some respects. Yeah, don’t rely on China, but let’s start getting real about the Defense budget which is bloated to say the least. The Pentagon is a large corner of the swamp.

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