Trump Puts an End to Taxpayer Subsidies for Government Employee Unions

By Against Crony Capitalism

June 1, 2018


Trump Puts an End to Taxpayer Subsidies for Government Employee Unions


Trump Puts an End to Taxpayer Subsidies for Government Employee Unions


On the one hand Trump does things like this and signs the “Right to Try” bill. Both are excellent developments. On the other hand word is he wants to keep BMWs out of the country because of “national security” reasons. Trump can be frustrating sometimes. He is definitely a different political cat.

That we’ve been subsidizing, big time, government employee union work is pretty outrageous. This is a big step forward. We shouldn’t be paying government employee unions to lobby for themselves. (How did that deal ever come about?)

One of the most positive developments of the Trump presidency to date has been the scrutiny applied to the government employee part of the swamp. We hope to see much more.

(From The Daily Wire)
Government employee unions have enjoyed an absolute boondoggle in recent years, receiving hundreds of millions in taxpayer funds. But the boon could soon be over thanks to a new executive order from President Donald Trump.
Last Friday, the president signed an executive order requiring that federal government employees who work full-time for the public employee unions at taxpayer expense spend at least 75 percent of their paid time on the government’s business. The administration estimates this will save taxpayers $100 million.
This measure is one of three executive orders the president signed on Friday. Those orders do not eliminate taxpayer subsidies for public employee unions altogether—that is Congress’ job—but they do end the taxpayer subsidy of travel for union business; mandate that unions be charged fair market value for rents of government office space; streamline the public employee appeals process so that bad apples can be fired more rapidly; and force taxpayer-funded union workers to spend at least three-quarters of their time doing the people’s business.

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