The Next Florida Governor Adrian Wyllie?

The Next Florida Governor Adrian Wyllie?


8-11-2013 5-27-44 PM



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With the presidential elections now behind us, and all the excitement and hoop-la that comes with it, many Floridians are slowly turning their political minds toward the next big election that will have a direct impact on all of them — the 2014 gubernatorial elections. As of our count today there are 18 challengers to the incumbent Governor Rick Scott; 4 Republicans, 4 Democrats, 6 Independents, 2 Libertarians, 1 American Third Position, and 1 undeclared write-in.

With more and more voters disenchanted with the status quo and the continual ruination to our economy and what some see as the continual degradation of rights and expansion of the federal government — people are looking for a change. One such Libertarian candidate looking to bring exactly that for Florida — change, change to established values of freedom and liberty our great nation was founded upon. He was chairman of the Florida Libertarian party until earlier this year when he stepped down to run for Governor. He has been a host of a syndicated AM radio program that focuses on libertarian issues and is an investigative journalist and constitutional activist and our guest today — Adrian Wyllie.

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