The Doorbell

So how much longer are we content with being the victims of theft?  We are all being financially raped by this government, as has been the case for many years.  For those of us fortunate to be working in these government induced hard times, our money is stolen on a weekly basis through withholding a good portion of our wages by government to support their self appointed need to take care of us.

We have to pay an income tax on our wages, although our wages are a fair exchange for our labor, which is not defined as “income”.  As it is unjust and knowing people may figure this out and not pay the government requires employers to steel it weekly and send it to the government, even though it is not “due” until April 15.  Seeing this stolen money will be considered early payments by the powers in charge, should we not get interest on these monies that were truly stolen?

Then we have Social Security, which even though Rick Perry the parrot has an IQ lower than my cat’s water bowl, is a ponzi scheme.  The money has been stolen from “our” forced involuntary account to pay for other big government adventures, most likely promoting democracy around the globe in some fashion.  Which by the way, Democracy is mob rule, a form of government that out fore fathers loathed.  So when you watch your TV and see us spreading Democracy around the world, one war at a time or one drone attack at a time, feel good that our nation is promoting a stepped down version of Communism.

Then we get to enjoy the fruits of digital creation of money from nothing defusing the markets and devaluing the currency.  I read that Thanksgiving Day dinner cost 13% more this year than last, for which we can thank Capitol Hill and the Federal  Reserve.  A simple analogy is the Federal Reserves goes into your house and steals the value of the property you have and Capitol Hill is the entity that jacks your front door lock to let the FED in.

Your children are our future, the nations future, and what are we handing off to them?  A worthless fiat currency, a police state, an almost endless list of wars, from everything going from drugs, terror and obesity, all of which are failing and never ending and a nation debt that even George Orwell could not envision..  These will be our children’s wars and issues as well, be assured.

It is going to hit the fan, so to speak either through peaceful resolve to restore our freedom, Republic and Constitution or through a much less pleasant avenue, and I will let you ponder what these times could be like.

Enough of the same regime different puppet philosophy as U.S. President.  Our sovereign government is on a directed path, like a snowball traveling at the speed of light into hell, continually burning up as it continues on course.  We all have a choice to make, while we still have a voice.  This is not a battle of “R” vs. “D”, this is a battle of peace and restoration of our once great government or the directed status quo that we have had for many years and is being brought to the table again in this presidential election cycle.  I am guess that being awarded a Nobel Peace Prize opens the doors to engaging in unlimited wars and taking marching orders from NATO?  Personally, I chose a peaceful resolve, a return to our Law of the Land, the Constitution, and with it the correction of our intentionally crippled monetary policy and fiat currency for us to return the U.S. into a greater status than it once was many years ago.

Sad as it is, we continue the national debt despite what we know between the building of Empire, which did not work out well form our role model Rome, and continued foreign aid, including countries like China that we borrow the money from, with interest, to send to them.  Absolute fiscal insanity, showing the well orchestrated dismantling of our nation, no matter which puppet is speaking from the podium, teleprompter or not.

So what are your thoughts and what is it you wish to hand down to the children?  How will you answer your children when they question why they are serfs, not much more than slaves, to an evil system of control?  Readers thoughts and ideas are always greatly appreciated.

My only logical choice can be found here.

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