The Current State of Artificial Intelligence ~ infographic


The Current State of Artificial Intelligence ~ infographic


The basic premise of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) was originally that human intelligence is predictable enough that it can be simulated with computers. As such, A.I. is a broad field involving many areas of research. This includes computer vision, language recognition, decision-making.

In more recent years, A.I. has also acquired other challenges including machine learning/ deep learning, as well as robotics as a whole. In fact, if you were to ask the average person what they thought of when someone mentions “artificial intelligence,” it’s likely they would say “robots” — thanks to pop culture: TV shows, movies, comics, books and toys.

While not every robot has A.I. features, and some are merely toys that move around, robots are associated with A.I. by the general public. Our pop culture vision of robots is that they have some of the manifestation of simulated human behavior: vision, language recognition, physical responsiveness to our voice commands, physical responsiveness to surroundings, motion, decision making. The list goes on.

In this graphic we focus on facts and figures for the robotics aspect of Artificial Intelligence.


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Artificial Intelligence

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