The “Bush-Obama era” will be long remembered for curbing the Constitution



The “Bush-Obama era” will be long remembered for curbing the Constitution


Truly, it has been a big government, Constitution wrecking 16 years.

To this day there are many people who act like Bush and Obama aren’t 2 peas in a pod however..


Aside from some stylistic differences which are significant, and certain buzzwords used, both Bush and Obama are very similar,especially when it comes to respect for the average person, banks, crony capitalism generally, and the expansion of government. (Bush was actually worse than Obama to date on this last point.) You, the peon mean little in the grand scheme.  Your rights and dignity are a liability in the eyes of the state and you must now come to terms with your lot. What choice do you have?

And it’s not like we can count on Congress to stand up for us either.

Congress is full of hypocrites. Liberals who criticized Bush are less incensed with Obama. Republicans who bowed to Bush are now blasting Obama. The next time your congressional representative criticizes Obama for curbing civil liberties, ask if he or she would vote to repeal the Patriot Act, the post-911 law that handed unfettered power to the intelligence and military bureaucracies. Most won’t.

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