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Jeb! All In! The Bush Dynasty (And Banker Friends) Go For Round Three

By Nomi Prins NomiPrins.com June 26, 2015   Jeb! All In! The Bush Dynasty (And Banker Friends) Go For Round Three   [This piece has been adapted and updated from my book All the Presidents’ Bankers: The Hidden Alliances That Drive American Power, now out in paperback. An intro by TomDispatch is here.]    It’s happening. As expected, dynastic […]

Nomi Prins

Obama Family’s African Vacation

Source: http://wchildblog.com Obama Family’s African Vacation   ### Assume the position taxpayers, once again, for the African Vacation.

Reporter Who Brought Down General Stanley McChrystal Is Dead at 33

Source: http://www.economicpolicyjournal.com Posted by Robert Wenzel at 8:00 PM Reporter Who Brought Down General Stanley McChrystal Is Dead at 33   Michael Hastings, the  journalist whose reporting brought down the career of General Stanley McChrystal, has died in a car accident in Los Angeles, Rolling Stone reports. He was 33. Hastings’  2010 profile of McChrystal in the […]

The End of Privacy Rights

Source: http://www.activistpost.com We The People There was a time when we the people could expect privacy in our homes, in our conversations, in our everyday lives. As you’ll see in this video, your right to privacy has ended. Vast amounts of what you would assume to be your private information is being recorded and stored […]

New York Times openly admits mainstream media stories are scripted by the White House

Source: http://www.naturalnews.com By J. D. Heyes (NaturalNews) Millions of Americans have long suspected that the so-called “mainstream media” is big-time controlled, whether selectively or institutionally. A recent New York Times story not only substantiates that belief, it proves just how controlled the messages are that are coming from those who mean to rule over us. […]

No More Bombing Afghan Homes, General Says

Source: http://www.wired.com By Noah Shachtman   Last week, in a little town in eastern Afghanistan, a Taliban captain and his men decided to hole up in a family compound. They were chased by NATO and Afghan forces. A firefight broke out, and the coalition troops called in an air strike. The next day, the villagers […]

Issa on CNN: White House Knew Almost 1 Year Ago About GSA’s Wasteful Spending

Source: http://usamericanfreedom.com Published on Apr 17, 2012 by oversightandreform Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, discusses the full committee hearing examining the wasteful spending practices at the GSA and the scandal involving Secret Service in Colombia days before President Obama’s arrival. CNN – John King USA – April 16, 2012 […]

David Stockman on Crony Capitalism between Wall Street & White House

Source: http://www.ritholtz.com Moyers & Company explores the tight connection between Wall Street and the White House with David Stockman, former budget director for President Reagan. Now a businessman who says he was “taken to the woodshed” for telling the truth about the administration’s tax policies, Stockman speaks candidly with Bill Moyers about how money dominates […]

White House economic report hides sharp drop in number of working Americans

Source: http://dailycaller.com By Neil Munro White House officials are trying to downplay the growing political damage caused by a shrinking federal statistic: the percentage of working-age Americans who actually have jobs. The increasingly visible statistic shows that roughly 11 million working-age Americans are being excluded from the nation’s formal tally of 13.75 million unemployed Americans. […]

Veterans organize march to the White House on President’s Day

Source: http://www.examiner.com By Lori Stacey (Subscribe) Our nation’s veterans and active duty military will be gathering at the Washington Monument at noon on February 20, 2012.  They will then proudly fall into formation as they march from the monument to the White House.  Active duty military are asked to not wear their uniforms. In a public […]


RON PAUL IS THE CHOICE OF THE TROOPS! (Veterans & Active Duty march on the White House) This speech was delivered at Jillian’s Billiards in Manchester, NH at the Boots to NH debate watching party on January 7th, 2012. Thanks to Ian Cioffi and crew for making this possible! [CIM Comment] Now more than every […]