US Debt to GDP Passes 101% – Per Capita Debt Higher Than Greece

Source: By Jim Hoft US debt to GDP passed 101% this week. Zero Hedge reported: Without much fanfare, US debt to GDP hit 101% with the latest issuance of $32 billion in 2 Year Bonds. If the moment when this ratio went from double to triple digits is still fresh in readers minds, is […]

Obama’s $1 Trillion Deficit – Paul’s $1 Trillion Cut

Source: Obama’s $1 Trillion Deficit – Paul’s $1 Trillion Cut Reports USA Today: President Obama’s proposed 2013 budget will forecast a $901 billion deficit for next year, falling far short of his goal to halve the deficit in four years. The budget, an outline of which was released by the White House Friday night, […]

Say what? $.5 trillion went where, why, and under what authority?

The Federal Reserve Act is a vile tool of legislation used to create money out of thin air, use it in support of the big foreign world banks while hanging the US taxpayer out to dry.  Audit the FED, educate the masses and End The FED! Woodrow Wilson, the president that sold the US out […]