Reflections of Aaron Russo

  Reflections of Aaron Russo     Published by NextNewsNetwork If Aaron Russo was instrumental in your conversion to liberty, please watch and share this story in his honor. He would be 71 years old today. #AaronRusso Share to: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: LinkedIn: Pinterest:   Donate USD: Donate BTC: […]

Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr. Pays Tribute to Ron Paul

Source: Duncan Pays Tribute to Ron Paul Mr. Speaker: I rise today to pay tribute to my friend, Ron Paul. I have now served in Congress for 24 years, the last 16 of which I have served with Congressman Paul. During all of that time, I have never once seen him waver or stray […]

RNC Ron Paul Tribute Video

This from the GOP at the RNC, which after the blatant display of corruption that would make the Mafia jealous, offers the Judas kiss after the theft and betrayal.  I am so inspired by the GOP effort I look forward to voting GOP, right after I qualify to vote Democrat, like the rest of their […]

Ron Paul Veterans – March – Washington Monument – Feb 20th 2012!

MORE INFORMATION HERE:… Additional information on the event located on Facebook: For those wishing to show support but are unable to attend in Washington D.C. on President’s Day, might I suggest supporting by this effort visiting the link below and donating to the choice of our troops! Now more than every we need […]