Why Everything You Hear About Aleppo Is Wrong

By Daniel McAdams Ron Paul Institute September 30, 2016   Why Everything You Hear About Aleppo Is Wrong   The mainstream media portrays the fight for Aleppo as one between Syrian President Assad and the people, painting Assad as someone killing his citizens for the fun of it. In other words, as they did with […]

Why Everything You Hear About Aleppo Is Wrong


What’s Behind Saudi Arabia’s Claim To Have Killed 800 Terrorists In Yemen?

By Brandon Turbeville Activist Post April 26, 2016   What’s Behind Saudi Arabia’s Claim To Have Killed 800 Terrorists In Yemen?     As Saudi war crimes and crimes against humanity continue apace in Yemen, Saudi Arabia is now apparently attempting to gain public support and better reception from the viewing audience by painting itself […]

The #1 Terrorist Group = Domestic Citizens

By Martin Armstrong Armstrong Economics September 2, 2015   The #1 Terrorist Group = Domestic Citizens     Government talks about Islamic terrorists, but their number one fear is YOU. The internment camps are for you, not Islamic extremists. Government CANNOT honor its promises so it will not even try. They are confiscating money everywhere, doubling […]


Up to 76 truckloads of radioactive waste could soon be crossing into the US from Canada, local media reveal.

Mission to transport 23,000 liters of bomb-grade uranium from Canada to US 1

Source: http://rt.com Up to 76 truckloads of radioactive waste could soon be crossing into the US from Canada, local media reveal. Relocating the weapons-grade uranium (HEU) in liquid form would be the first operation of its kind, and is set to cost $60 million. The trips may kick off in August, the US Nuclear Regulatory […]

UN approves military force to combat Islamist terrorists in Mali

Source: http://rt.com The UN Security Council has given the green light for the use of military force to combat Islamist terrorists in northern Mali. The Council said that the 3,300 troops will use “all necessary measures” to pacify the northern territories. All the permanent members of the UN body unanimously voted for a year-long mandate […]

BBC Finds Crates of Saudi Weapons in Syrian Rebel Base

Source: http://antiwar.com By John Glaser For several months now it has been known that the US is cooperating with its allies in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar to provide aid and weapons to the rebel fighters in Syria. While the US has sent “non-lethal” aid to the rebels – like money, communications gear, and intelligence […]

How the NDAA Directly Threatens Average Americans, and How You Can Take Action Now 1

Source: http://amberlyonlive.com By Amber Lyon Posted on October 10, 2012 Journalists rarely take a vocal stand against legislation in order to remain objective, but sometimes new laws are such an egregious assault on our basic rights to democracy and freedom that we have a duty to speak up. This is the case with the National […]

Leon Panetta: US is Running Out of Patience with Pakistan

Source: http://www.sott.net US defence secretary says Pakistan is offering safe havens to terrorists as he arrives in Kabul for Nato talks  Leon Panetta in Kabul, where he called on Pakistan to do more to crack down on militants. The US defence secretary, Leon Panetta, has said the United States is reaching the limits of its […]

Homeland Security declares war on flesh-eating bacteria (satire)

Source: http://www.naturalnews.com By: Ethan A. Huff Homeland Security declares war on flesh-eating bacteria, a bigger threat than Al-Qaeda terrorists (satire) A former Florida resident who now lives in Peru recently filed a lawsuit against a doctor whose negligence, he says, resulted in his penis being completely eaten by flesh-eating bacteria. In a bizarre case of […]

Activists: Civilians killed in Syria reprisals

Source: http://xfinity.comcast.net By BASSEM MROUE, AP BEIRUT — Syrian activists said Monday that pro-government gunmen killed at least 16 people, including some children, in a rebel stronghold recaptured by the government, fueling concerns the government is carrying out reprisals in territory it has taken back. State media in Damascus, which often ignores activists’ claims, confirmed […]

Virginia House Passes NDAA Nullification 96-4 1

Source: http://www.infowars.com By Kurt Nimmo In a move completely ignored by the establishment media, the Virginia House of Delegates has voted in favor of House Bill 1160 (HB1160), legislation that codifies in Virginia law noncompliance with the “kidnapping provisions” of section 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA). The final vote, […]

Senate Approves $662B Defense Bill

Source: http://www.npr.org by The Associated Press Ignoring a presidential veto threat, the Democratic-controlled Senate on Thursday overwhelmingly approved a massive, $662 billion defense bill that would require the military to hold suspected terrorists linked to al-Qaida or its affiliates, even those captured on U.S. soil. The vote was 93-7 for the bill authorizing money for […]

Joe Biden – Enemy Of The State

Sources: Joe Biden likens tea partiers to terrorists Source: http://www.politico.com Vice President Joe Biden joined House Democrats in lashing tea party Republicans Monday, accusing them of having “acted like terrorists” in the fight over raising the nation’s debt limit, according to several sources in the room. Biden was agreeing with a line of argument made […]