Common Core – It’s only a math “standard”

  Shared from: Common Core – It’s only a math “standard”   So what are your thoughts regarding the Common Core agenda or this video?  Our education system reflects the future laid out for our society.

C-SPAN to cover Ron Paul’s We Are the Future Rally

Source: Ron Paul will speak to a live national audience via coverage from C-SPAN on Sunday, Aug 26th at 3pm ET from the University of South Florida’s 17,000 seat Sun Dome. The event is themed as a constitutional conservative and libertarian friendly alternative to the official GOP convention. Ron Paul, himself, is calling it […]

Ron Paul Facts

Source: Here are some really interesting Dr. Ron Paul facts about his life and career…   Facts about Dr. Ron Pauls Personal Life… He was the 220 yard dash state champion at Dormont High School. He received a B.S. degree in biology from Gettysburg College in 1957. He earned a Doctor Of Medicine degree […]