Gen. Smedley D. Butler

Memorial Day Is A Hoax — Paul Craig Roberts Reflects Back On US Marine General Smedley Butler

For any reader unfamiliar with US Marine General Smedley Butler the information below may help gain understanding, taken from Wikipedia.  I will include the famous speech by General Smedley Butler, denouncing the military industrial complex, recreated on video following the shared post by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. Smedley Darlington Butler[1] (July 30, 1881 – June 21, […]

“Welcome to the War”

By Bionic Mosquito Bionic Mosquito February 23, 2015   “Welcome to the War” Wartime: Understanding and Behavior in the Second World War, by Paul Fussell What was it about the war that moved the troops to constant verbal subversion and contempt? It was not just the danger and fear, the boredom and uncertainty and loneliness […]

Some Lessons from History

David Hathaway

Geronimo’s Rage

By David Hathaway   Geronimo’s Rage   His life was changed in a day. He grew up working and playing with his family in the mountains and valleys of what is now Arizona.  His mother Juana placed him in a swing that rocked gently in the breeze as she worked.  He played games of […]

How Iraq’s 50,000 ‘Ghost Soldiers’ Run Their Scam

By Against Crony Capitalism   How Iraq’s 50,000 ‘Ghost Soldiers’ Run Their Scam     It actually sounds like the officers of the Iraqi army are running this scam, the rank and file are just part of the deal. Billions of US taxpayer dollars continue to flow into Iraq. They likely will for years if […]

Iraq river

Ron Paul Weekly Column

The Real Meaning of the 1914 Christmas Truce

By Ron Paul Ron Paul Institute   The Real Meaning of the 1914 Christmas Truce   One hundred years ago last week, on Christmas Eve, 1914, German and British soldiers emerged from the horrors of World War One trench warfare to greet each other, exchange food and gifts, and to wish each other a Merry […]

Feds Bar Companies’ Long-Distance Lawsuits Against Soldiers

By Paul Kiel ProPublica, Dec. 26, 2014, 11:25 a.m.   Feds Bar Companies’ Long-Distance Lawsuits Against Soldiers In the latest move against companies targeting military customers, federal regulators prohibit two Virginia-based lenders from suing out-of-state debtors in Virginia courts. The companies were featured in a ProPublica story in July.   Federal regulators reached a settlement […]

USA Discounters

Obama Fights Ebola With A Czar and Soldiers – Updates Included

Source: By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts   UPDATE 10/18/14: A group of 30 doctors and scientists have published their findings on the website of the New England Journal of Medicine that the ebola ravaging West Africa is a new strain of the disease and was not imported from Central Africa. The doctors and scientists’ […]

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Nashville Police Bearcat

Cops or Soldiers? Pentagon, DHS Helped Arm Police in Ferguson with Equipment Used in War

Cops or Soldiers? Pentagon, DHS Helped Arm Police in Ferguson with Equipment Used in War Published by democracynow – The events in Ferguson over the past week have sparked a national debate over racial profiling and the militarization of local police forces. On Thursday, Attorney General Eric Holder said, “I am deeply concerned that […]

Four Polish soldiers re-tried in Afghan war crimes case

Source: By Raw Story Four Polish soldiers, accused of committing war crimes in Afghanistan, on Wednesday faced the first day of a re-trial after Poland’s Supreme Court last year overturned their acquittal, a military court spokesman said. The case marks the first instance in which Polish troops have faced a court martial for war […]

The Christmas Truce of World War I

Source: By John V. Denson Editor’s Note: Never forget the Christmas Truce of World War I, when troops refused to be pawns of empire for one blessed day. May American soldiers declare a grassroots truce every Christmas, and may it be Christmas all year round. The Christmas Truce, which occurred primarily between the British […]

US Veterans Suffering From Head Trauma May Become Violent and Dangerous, Says DoD

Source: By Susanne Posel Occupy Corporatism US Army statistics show that the suicide rate among military personnel is rising exponentially. Last July, an estimated 38 suicides were “confirmed or suspected” by soldiers making that month the deadliest time in Army history. Active duty suicides have climbed up to 22% with 116 deaths so far […]

Leon Panetta: US is Running Out of Patience with Pakistan

Source: US defence secretary says Pakistan is offering safe havens to terrorists as he arrives in Kabul for Nato talks  Leon Panetta in Kabul, where he called on Pakistan to do more to crack down on militants. The US defence secretary, Leon Panetta, has said the United States is reaching the limits of its […]