Sheriff Richard Mack

BREAKING: Militia Arrives at Bundy Ranch 1

  BREAKING: Militia Arrives at Bundy Ranch     Published by NextNewsNetwork Published on Apr 10, 2014 We bring you now the latest from the Bundy Ranch, where the militia has arrived in support of Cliven Bundy in his stand off against the Federal Government, where the Bureau of Land Management has surrounded his ranch […]

Tom DeWeese: Agenda 21 & International Redistribution of Wealth Tom DeWeese, the founder and director of the American Policy Center ( informs the sheriffs about the origins of Agenda 21, the central planning strategy that has grown out of the United Nations since 1987 to become soft law in the cities and counties across America to control all facets of the economy for […]

Freedom Watch Sheriff Richard Mack on Freedom Watch Dec 2, 2011

Sheriff Richard Mack discusses with the Judge about S1867 and the3 states necessity to erect barriers from illegal federal incursions in the the states calling on county Sheriff and local law enforcement to uphold their oaths to protect the people from tyranny. Related Post: Treason in the US Senate [CIM Comment: Now more than every […]