America Destroyed ~ Paul Craig Roberts

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Paul Craig July 5, 2016   When I was young, America still existed. No more. Not even the blather from the 4th of July can hide the obvious fact. The young do not know that they have lost their country, because they are born into a time when the […]

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

This WTO Ruling Is Perfect Example of How Big Trade Deals Trump Democracy

By Lauren McCauley Common Dreams December 7, 2015   This WTO Ruling Is Perfect Example of How Big Trade Deals Trump Democracy NAFTA partners can sue the U.S. for a combined $1 billion annually in retaliatory tariffs over Country of Origin Labels for meat     In a move that watchdogs say presents a “glaring example […]

Why Tennessee Forces Seventh Graders to Learn Islam

By Kevin Currie-Knight Foundation for Economic Education November 4, 2015   Why Tennessee Forces Seventh Graders to Learn Islam A Monopoly School System Can’t Be Evenhanded   How big is the distinction between education and indoctrination? Not terribly, if you ask some Tennessee lawmakers. They are pushing to remove any mention of religion from Tennessee’s […]

Bankrupt California cities slash public services to fund six-figure pensions

Source: As some California cities face bankruptcy, public services are being slashed so unusually high pensions can stay on the books. Stockton’s former police chief rakes in a pension of more than $200,000 a year, while also working another job. ­Former Stockton Police Chief Tom Morris retired with a $204,000 pension after just eight […]

Health Ranger wishes all Americans a happy, liberty-loving Independence Day 1

Yet another great article by Mike Adams at! Source: Wednesday, July 04, 2012 by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Editor of Happy Independence Day, friends and readers! This holiday, of course, is really called “Independence Day,” not the “Fourth of July” as many people mistakenly believe. It brings up the obvious question: […]

Are you F*cken kidding me¿

Source: Town Bans ‘F*ck’ and Other Potty Words — First Amendment Rights Be Damned On Monday night, residents of Middleborough, Massachusetts, voted 183-50 to approve a proposal allowing the police to issue $20 fines to people who use profane language in public. Though Yahoo News reported that the ban is specifically intended to stop teenagers […]

Lost Rights what rights have we lost in America

Published on May 17, 2012 by mattgeb84 Click on this link to sign up for tom woods liberty lost rights the blog is just a brief overview of some of the rights we have lost in America #### [CIM] The time is NOW to take back our personal liberties and freedoms! Ron Paul […]

Chemist declares fluoride to be ‘one of the greatest public health threats of modern times’ 2

Source: By: Ethan A. Huff Ingesting artificial fluoride chemicals does not prevent tooth decay, but rather destroys your insides and leads to the development of cancer and other illnesses. These are the disturbing findings of an assessment recently compiled by award-winning chemist, author, and founder of, Shane Ellison. Frustrating more than 50 years […]

Judge Napolitano on Illinois Judge Ruling Eavesdropping Law Unconstitutional

Source: he Illinois law against recording conversations was ruled unconstitutional earlier in March by Cook County Judge Stanley Sacks, which was the second time in the past year that a judge struck it down. The eavesdropping law says it’s a felony to record conversations without the consent of everyone involved, including public officials in […]

The Empire Of Liberty: Thomas Jefferson, Ron Paul And The Sacred Fire Of Freedom

Source: Who stands in opposition to “the [central] bank of the United States, public debt, a navy, a standing army, American manufacturing, federally funded improvement of the interior, the role of a world power, military glory, an extensive foreign ministry, loose construction of the Constitution, and subordination of the states to the federal government”?  […]