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Lawyers for Ron Paul Lawsuit (with audio)

Source: There was a conference call Thursday evening @ 10pm EST. This call was recorded and I have the link below. Two major announcements were disclosed, one being a update on the lawsuit and the other one I’ll let you be surprised by listening. Here is the link:…35553&cmd=apop As stated on The Daily […]

Ron Paul Calls Agenda 21 Assault on Sovereignty 1

Source: Out of the UN: Ron Paul Calls Agenda 21 Assault on Sovereignty By Dan Bidondi -Ron Paul & Mitt Romney Visit RI Report, Ron Paul Packs Over 2,000 More Supporters Than Romney -Exclusive Interview With Ron Paul on Agenda 21 #### [CIM] Ron Paul 2012: Restore America Now Please visit Ron Paul’s […]

Ron Paul Hits Home Run At UC Berkeley

Source: By Dan in News Ron Paul smashed attendance records last night at UC Berkeley finally putting to rest the question of how big will his rallies in California be. The campaign estimates that over 8,500 people gathered to listen to Paul speak on the steps of Doe Library. This is of course the […]

Ron Paul: Crowd of 5,000 in IL, but he’s not winning?

Source: By Stephanie Ealy “President Paul” chants broke out as usual Wednesday evening in Illinois by thousands of supporters who showed up for a chance to be in the same room with the rock star GOP candidate, but something very unusual happened — hundreds didn’t have to wait outside. You see, usually when the […]

Ron Paul takes game to next level

Source: By Punditty Ron Paul takes game to next level, emerges as serious contender for GOP nomination   “Well I won’t back down, no I won’t back down, you could stand me up at the Gates of Hell but I won’t back down…”– Tom Petty After finishing a solid second in Tuesday’s New Hampshire […]