Is Germany preparing to bail out of the Euro?

Source: By: John Hayward The European Union held a summit meeting last week, prompting a significant rally in both European and American markets at the perception of progress in controlling the Euro meltdown.  However, it’s difficult for a sober analyst to find anything of long-term significance coming out of the summit.  Spain got a […]

More Delegates Want to Join Republican Revolt

Source: Submitted by bartc88 Dedicated to restoring Constitutional government to the United States of America Courthouse News Service: More Delegates Want to Join Repub Revolt Friday, June 15, 2012 “SANTA ANA, Calif. (CN) – In a revolt against Romney, at least 40 more national convention delegates asked to join 123 previous plaintiffs in a […]

Lawyers for Ron Paul take over campaign

Source: By Mindy Allan Op-Ed: Lawyers for Ron Paul take over campaign Lawyers for Ron Paul are now formally running the Ron Paul campaign to continue the fight for the freedom of the American people. They refuse to bow down to the threats to quit so Romney can have the nomination. “Lawyers for Ron […]

A Reporter Gets It

Source: By Jack Hunter Writes The Star Ledger’s (NJ) Paul Mulshine: I suspect I know more about the Ron Paul candidacy than any other journalist in America. I’ve been speaking with him for five years now, which is about four more than anyone else. Most of the other journalists who dealt with Paul basically asked […]

Romney losing ground to Obama while Paul collects delegates

Source: By Kevin Kervick Mitt Romney has experienced an eleven point swing in his poll numbers vs. President Obama in just over one week, according to a daily tracking poll of likely voters from Rasmussen Reports. Just over a week ago, Romney was leading President Obama by eight percentage points at 50 – 42%. […]

Ron Paul wins Minnesota Delegates Ensuring his Place at GOP National Convention 1

Source: By Michelle Venturo   The Revenge of Ron Paul Friday, May 18th, I arrived at the Minnesota Republican Party State Convention in St. Cloud. The convention could best be described as “The Revenge of Ron Paul”. Four years ago Ron Paul was denied the opportunity to speak on the National Stage, but not […]

Ron Paul supporters: ‘It’s not over yet’

Source: By Anjeanette Damon Nevada Republican Convention stretches into Sunday morning, but passionate followers on both sides keep up the fight The divided Nevada Republican Convention descended into a sheer battle of wills late Saturday as those fighting to keep Ron Paul’s long-shot candidacy alive faced off against those intent on ensuring Mitt Romney wasn’t […]

Ron Paul Calls Agenda 21 Assault on Sovereignty 1

Source: Out of the UN: Ron Paul Calls Agenda 21 Assault on Sovereignty By Dan Bidondi -Ron Paul & Mitt Romney Visit RI Report, Ron Paul Packs Over 2,000 More Supporters Than Romney -Exclusive Interview With Ron Paul on Agenda 21 #### [CIM] Ron Paul 2012: Restore America Now Please visit Ron Paul’s […]

NDGOP’s National Delegate Selection Sparks Controversy At Convention

Source: By: Rob Port So far the most interesting development at the NDGOP convention has to do with the selection of the state party’s national delegates who would help pick the presidential nominee at the national convention. You readers will remember that, on caucus night, Rick Santorum cleaned the state up by a significant […]

US, Turkey agree to send aid to rebels in Syria

Source: The US President Barack Obama and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan have agreed to send ‘non-lethal’ aid to the anti-government armed groups operating inside Syria. According to the US deputy national security adviser, Ben Rhodes, Washington and Ankara reached the agreement after holding a meeting in Seoul on Sunday ahead of a […]

Dennis Kucinich – Explains Iran Properly

[CIM Comment] Cut to the chase, this is all BS, banging the war drums and fear mongering.  Stop and think, North Korea has nuclear bombs and the technology to reach the US west cost, but where is the fear and war drums?  Then you have the country of Iran that may have the potential to […]

Government can’t keep up with information requests

Source: By RICHARD LARDNER and TED BRIDIS, AP WASHINGTON — The Obama administration couldn’t keep pace with the increasing number of people asking for copies of government documents, emails, photographs and more under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act, according to a new analysis of the latest federal data by The Associated Press. Federal […]

It’s now illegal to know what’s in your food

Todd Tucker, Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch joins Thom Hartmann. Put down that fork! Do you now what’s REALLY on your dinner plate? Well – it’s becoming increasingly difficult for you to find out and there may be very little our lawmakers can do about it. Do you know what’s in your dinner? Chances are…you […]

US Debt to GDP Passes 101% – Per Capita Debt Higher Than Greece

Source: By Jim Hoft US debt to GDP passed 101% this week. Zero Hedge reported: Without much fanfare, US debt to GDP hit 101% with the latest issuance of $32 billion in 2 Year Bonds. If the moment when this ratio went from double to triple digits is still fresh in readers minds, is […]