Michael Badnarik: The Constitution is Still Relevant

Video Location: Published on Oct 19, 2012 by TheAlexJonesChannel ### [CIM] As mentioned in the interview as essential reading, The Law By Frederic Bastiat, can be downloaded free for either the written or the audio book here: The Law by Frederick Bastiat

Rand Paul Launches Campaign to End the TSA

Source: By Paul Joseph Watson Senator Rand Paul has issued a press release in which he vows to lead the charge to “end the TSA” and put a stop to the needless and humiliating groping of toddlers and grandmothers. Earlier this year, Paul was detained by the TSA after refusing to submit to an […]


WE’RE ALL IN IT TO WIN IT- Don’t forget the 4/15 Moneybomb!!!!!!!! We don’t have corporate elites to fund our campaign, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Keep spreading the word and remember to DONATE to the In it to Win it money bomb on April 15, 2012. Go to to keep […]

Ron Paul Moneybomb: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Source: By Jack Hunter If there’s one thing I’ve been ticked off about in the last few weeks it’s the the lack of media coverage of the massive crowds Ron Paul continues to draw each stop he makes. I’m sorry, but even for reporters who’ve written Paul off–this is a story. Why does Ron […]

Give Me Liberty Moneybomb

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Ron Paul Raises $1.2mil On Valentine’s Day

Source: Ron Paul Raises $1.2mil On Valentine’s Day Texas Congressman and presidential hopeful Ron Paul raised more than US$1.2 million in a special “money bomb” effort on Valentine’s Day, showing the candidate is as viable as his competitors. The congressman hit the amount at the end of Valentine’s Day, but more donations for the […]

Veterans organize march to the White House on President’s Day

Source: By Lori Stacey (Subscribe) Our nation’s veterans and active duty military will be gathering at the Washington Monument at noon on February 20, 2012.  They will then proudly fall into formation as they march from the monument to the White House.  Active duty military are asked to not wear their uniforms. In a public […]

Veterans Weekend Moneybomb extended until Sunday night!

Source: Veterans Day money bomb for Ron Paul is on 11.11.11. Donate directly at: Pledge at The best Veterans Day would likely be one where all of our troops were told they were coming home to their families. That’s exactly what I want to see happen and it is one of the […]

Cavuto: Ron Paul Brings In Almost 3 Million Dollars In Money Bomb !

[CIM Comment: The choice is do you want as our President the salesman of the year politician or a statesman working for and representing the people?  Obama’s election based on Hope & Change turned out to be Bush’s 3rd term on steroids.  A vote for Romney would equal Obama’s second term.  A vote for Cain […]

The Ron Paul news blackout, and other news blackouts

Source: I am glad that Ron Paul raised between $2 million and $3 million from his super-bomb tied to the news blackout against him. On this, I agree with Ron Paul, very strongly. I have certainly not blacked out Ron Paul, and while his supporters like some of my columns and not other columns, […]

Ron Paul’s ‘Black This Out’ money bomb hauls in $2.75 million

Source: Texas Congressman Ron Paul, a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, just concluded another successful online campaign fundraiser. According to a press release from Paul’s campaign, the GOP candidate’s “Black This Out” money bomb hauled in $2.75 million in “small donations.” Paul continues to rely on grassroots fundraising efforts to run his campaign. […]