Smart meter fires spark concerns in B.C.

Source: http://www.cbc.ca Questions are being raised about the safety of smart meters after fire crews were called to a home in Coquitlam over problems with the box — the second such incident in weeks. The latest incident happened at about 3 a.m. PT on Sunday morning. There was only minor damage to the home, said […]

Cross Your Fingers: How to Watch NASA’s Mars Rover Land on Sunday

Source: http://www.wired.com By Adam Mann The moment is almost here. In just a couple days, NASA’s new Mars rover, Curiosity, will begin its descent to the Martian surface and hopefully start beaming back amazing images and data. A lot is riding on the 1-ton, $2.5-billion Curiosity, which will drill and poke the Martian soil to […]

CFR & U.S. Army Chief of Staff: Use Army for Domestic “Law” Enforcement (Martial Law)

Source: http://www.federaljack.com (THE NEW AMERICAN)   The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) proposes that the U.S. Army be used to plan, command, and carry out (with the help of civilian law enforcement) domestic police missions. So says a story appearing in the May/June issue of the influential organization’s official journal,Foreign Affairs. The article lacks a single reference […]

Obama Admin Will Seek “International Permission” To Attack Syria

Source: http://www.federaljack.com Obama Admin Will Seek “International Permission” To Attack Syria, Will “Inform” Congress of Plan (FEDERALJACK)   Leon Panetta Says Obama Admin Will Seek “International Permission” To Attack Syria, not Congressional permission. And they will “inform” Congress what their plans are.