Minnesota cops don’t want to legalize medical marijuana for fear they could lose millions

  Source: http://www.againstcronycapitalism.org By Nick Sorrentino Minnesota cops don’t want to legalize medical marijuana for fear they could lose millions     Pot is by far the most widely used illicit drug used in the United States. It is also bulky, odoriferous, and therefore relatively easy to detect. Much of our national law enforcement budget […]

Cherry Tomatoes Recalled for Possible Salmonella

Source: http://www.foodsafetynews.com By News Desk Rio Queen Citrus is recalling 840 cartons of Dry Pints of Mexican cherry tomatoes in “Karol” brand boxes due to possible Salmonella contamination. According to Rio Queen, the tomatoes were distributed through retail stores in Texas and South Carolina. According to local news station WOWT, however, the tomatoes were also […]

Gary Johnson’s false claims spinning out of control

Source: http://www.examiner.com By Lori Stacey During Gary Johnson‘s entire campaign as the Libertarian nominee, he has consistently been making the claim that he is the only 3rd party candidate that will be on all 50 states’ ballots even though that would be impossible for any candidate to claim as the ballot access battle continues to […]

Ben Swann – Facts: Clarification from the RNC rules committee, Ron Paul has 6 states

Source: http://dailypaulradio.com Ben Swann  of Reality Check with Ben Swann and an award winning nightime news anchor at WXIX FOX 19 in Cincinnati joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘Facts: Clarification from the RNC rules committee, Ron Paul has 6 states‘ to discuss the details about his converstaions with rules committee and what that means for the many states in […]

Ron Paul’s Endgame?

Source: http://www.ronpaul2012.com By Jack Hunter Ron Paul’s Endgame? As I’ve noted many times, most reporters are stupid, lazy or both. They don’t get Ron Paul and his movement because they are incapable of getting Paul and his movement. They can understand the horserace aspect of this election but are unable to fathom the complexities of […]

Ron Paul wins Minnesota Delegates Ensuring his Place at GOP National Convention 1

Source: http://www.the-912-project.com By Michelle Venturo   The Revenge of Ron Paul Friday, May 18th, I arrived at the Minnesota Republican Party State Convention in St. Cloud. The convention could best be described as “The Revenge of Ron Paul”. Four years ago Ron Paul was denied the opportunity to speak on the National Stage, but not […]

Ron Paul Will Win Nevada, and the GOP Wants to Stop Him

Source: http://www.policymic.com By Allan Stevo In a shockingly brazen power trip, the national GOP has sent a threatening letter to Nevada Republicans demanding that they show support for former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney at their state convention this weekend. The Nevada Republican Convention is the highest legislative body of the state’s Republican Party and the […]