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Ron Paul’s speech, with Michele Bachmann

A great speech by Dr. Ron Paul while visiting in Minnesota.  Please remember this was back when Michele Bachmann was a strong supporter of Ron Paul.  This dispute her voting record for the Patriot Act and other legislation.  Also, please remember, that when she now brags of being a tax attorney, she was working for […]

Ron Paul Attracts More Than 3,000 Supporters in Minnesota

Source: http://www.ronpaul2012.com St. Cloud rally kicks off Minnesota state operations LAKE JACKSON, Texas – 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul attracted more than 3,000 supporters at a rally in St. Cloud held to kick off his Minnesota state operations. The event took place in the district of Dr. Paul’s colleague Rep. Michele Bachmann.  The last time […]

The debate: Paul wins, Bachmann wins, Perry heads for the OK Corral

Source: http://thehill.com By Brent Budowsky – 08/12/11 10:29 AM ET The Republican debaters looked like Snow White and the eight dwarfs, though recently Barack Obama has not looked profoundly presidential either. There were two big winners. Ron Paul is establishing himself as the only anti-war candidate in either party, a potentially huge role. Michele Bachmann continued her shredding of Tim Pawlenty, who […]

Breaking: T-Paw dropping out

Source: http://hotair.com News began breaking on Sunday morning before most folks had finished their coffee or had even woken up on the left coast. Some fourteen hours after finishing a relatively distant third place to Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul in the Ames straw poll, former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty is ending his quest for […]

Ron Paul Takes Very Close Second in Ames

AMES, IOWA – August 13, 2011 – News reports, as well as Ron Paul himself, indicated that the twelve-term Texas congressman was expected to do well in today’s straw poll in Ames.  Today’s second-place finish – by a razor-thin margin against local favorite Rep. Michele Bachmann – is a clear victory for Congressman Paul, who […]

How to Market the Greatest Congressman in History

Source:http://www.revolutionpac.com How to Market the Greatest Congressman in History by Thomas Woods The Panic of 2008 was stage one of the collapse Ron Paul has been warning about for much of his career. Stage two is unfolding before us in the form of the debt crisis, of which the recent downgrading of the U.S. by […]