Lame Stream Media

CNN pulls poll results right out of their asses

[CIM Comment] To heck with the establishment lame stream media, be the media! Now more than every we need the Champion of the Constitution! Please visit Ron Paul’s official campaign site by following the link below and donate today!  

Ron Paul National Campaign Chairman Blasts CBS News

Source: Ron Paul National Campaign Chairman Blasts CBS News SPARTANBURG, S.C. – Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton released the following statement concerning the CBS / National Journal Republican debate: “Ron Paul consistently polls among the top three in the key early voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire.  He is polling […]

Ron Paul Gets 89 Seconds In Tv Portion Of CBS Debate

@CBSNews = #FAIL [CIM Comment: Worst debate coverage, horrid online stream for the part of the debate they did not want to share with the American people.  Ron Paul only getting 89 seconds of air time and then the online poll had him winning with a reported 30% and then the poll is taken down […]

MSM Imitation of Journalism, all Bull$hit and Fluff 2

I was going to post this video 3 or 4 days ago but time was short and more pressing issues were on the radar.  Today there are still items of greater importance but wanted to get this tripe out and over with. An intense journalism effort is launched, traveling from one office down the hall […]

Ron Paul dead last in message time across last three GOP debates

Source: Among the Republican presidential candidates, Ron Paul, the Libertarian-leaning firebrand that has captured the imagination of many followers nationwide, has received the least amount of coverage time over the course of the last three GOP debates. It is one thing to flame out during a presidential debate cycle, as it appears Texas Governor […]

Media Promotes Herman Cain: Disses Ron Paul – Black This Out!

We the people are tired of the media’s lies, manipulation, and the BLACKOUT. We will NOT let the media pick OUR next President! Join with us, and donate to Dr. Ron Paul’s Money Bomb on October 19th, and let’s see the media, “Black THIS Out!” Be sure to promote this, we want this to be […]