Progressivism’s Vanquished Foe—Conservatism

By James Ostrowski January 31, 2016   Progressivism’s Vanquished Foe – Conservatism     Note: This is an excerpt from Progressivism: A Primer on the Idea Destroying America (2014).  After Progressivism replaced liberalism as America’s dominant ideology, liberals faded from the scene and, like the cheetah, almost went extinct.  From 1900 through 1960, as the […]

MUST VIEW: The Conversation

  Found while reviewing, which is a daily event. Posted by Robert Wenzel The Conversation   (ht Walter Block) ### Video published by Foundation for Harmony and Prosperity Video capture added to Robert’s original post.  

Ron Paul On American Exceptionalism

  Source: Submitted by Tyler Durden Ron Paul On American Exceptionalism   Ron Paul has his own take on what it means to be ‘exceptional’… it seems “inspire”, and ‘lead by example’ is preferable to ‘threaten’ and ‘attack’…     (h/t Jim Quinn’s Burning Platform blog) Screen capture added to original post.

Fear and Oath-ing in D.C.

Youtube Common sense commentary about the war on the American people.  “We’re just asking politicians to live up to their oath.” H/T

North Korea threatens U.S., plans nuclear test

Source: The Associated Press Experts dismiss totalitarian state’s claim it can reach American mainland with missiles North Korea’s top governing body warned Thursday that the regime will conduct its third nuclear test in defiance of UN punishment, and made clear that its long-range rockets are designed to carry not only satellites but also warheads aimed […]

Tom Woods: Secession Vs. Nullification

Source: Get Educated by Tom Woods at Next News Network’s WHDT World News Program airs daily at 6pm and 11pm Eastern on Comcast, DirecTV and Over-the-Air and Online at WHDT World News is available to 6 million viewers from South Beach to Sebastian, Florida and to 2 million viewers in Boston, Massachusetts […]

Congressman Ron Paul’s Farewell Speech to Congress (Video & Transcript)

A true statesman and humanitarian, Dr. Ron Paul, simply states the road we are on verses the road we should be on, explaining both consequences and rewards.  I feel no individual in office can fill his mighty shoes, but that is not necessary, as the time is now to advance the cause of Freedom and […]

James Holmes Batman shooting to justify UN small arms treaty gun grab?

Source: By Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Published on Jul 21, 2012 by TheHealthRanger An exploration of the huge questions behind the James Holmes Batman movie theater massacre. Questions include: * Where did James get his bomb-making training? * How did James acquire his military-style weapons and gear? * Why were his actions such […]

Protesters force Romney bus tour into a wee Wawa problem

Source: By Agence France-Presse White House hopeful Mitt Romney spent Saturday courting small-town Americans and pushing his jobs agenda, but a botched campaign stop showed it isn’t always easy connecting with everyday voters. After laying out the case for a Romney presidency at a factory in northeastern Pennsylvania, the Republican flagbearer headed to a […]

Obama Put on Notice

Source: Obama Put on Notice March 8, 2012 • 10:35AM This NOW AVAILABLE in LEAFLET FORMAT GET IT OUT NOW! Yesterday Rep. Walter Jones, republican of North Carolina, introduced H. Concurrent Resolution 107, which calls on the House, the Senate Concurring, to do the following: “IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES March 7, 2012 Mr. […]

Ron Paul Highlights from Last Night’s Debate

Ron Paul Highlights from 2/22/2012 Debate (Higher-resolution version) \] Visit for previous debate highlights and other interviews. #### [CIM Comment] Now more than every we need the Champion of the Constitution! Please visit Ron Paul’s official campaign site by following the link below and donate today!