New Federal Law Targets Retirement Benefit Cuts: “We Thought Our Pension Was Secure”

By Mac Slavo   New Federal Law Targets Retirement Benefit Cuts: “We Thought Our Pension Was Secure”   The $1.01 trillion spending bill being moving through Congress right now includes some new provisions that may come as a shock to millions of American pension holders. In a bipartisan deal that also included leaders of unions and retirement […]

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Government Shutdown, Spending Cuts, and other Fables

  The Mises View: “Government Shutdown, Spending Cuts, and other Fables” | Peter G. Klein   Published by misesmedia Peter G. Klein explains that the “shutdown” is no shutdown and urges us to reject the economic version of Orwellian doublespeak. Klein is the Mises Institute’s Executive Director and Carl Menger Research Fellow. For more information, […]

It’s Obama’s Safari – But We’re the Ones Taken for a Ride! 2

Source: Written by Ron Paul   It’s Obama’s Safari – But We’re the Ones Taken for a Ride! Remember the Sequester? Remember the Administration threatening the end of the world if the phony “cuts” (which were actually just decreases in future spending increases) came into effect? Remember the cuts to Air Traffic Controllers while […]

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‘Fiscal Cliff’ Vote Shows How Washington Really Works

Please note Ron Paul’s message regarding the site that this article was originally posted and linked below. ***Please note: This is the temporary home for my weekly column until my personal web page is up and running.*** Ron Paul’s Texas Straight Talk Source: By Ron Paul Last week the Senate and House demonstrated again […]

Ron Paul: US Is Collapsing 1

Ron Paul explains why he does not have anything positive to say about the US economy and future for Americans.

Ron Paul on Cavuto 9/28/12

Published on Sep 28, 2012 by LibertarianPaulicy Rep. Ron Paul, (R-Texas), on the lack of effort in Washington to address the fiscal cliff and its impact on the economy.

Social Security Ponzi Scheme : Ripping Off The Next Generations

Source: Social Security is debt slavery for the young. Plain and simple , just one of the many failings of government, who simply is incapable of doing business and can only steal and borrow money in order to spend it.The reward for working hard is to have half your income taken through force and […]

Ron Paul’s ‘Restore America Plan’ Smashes Federal Tyranny

Source: By Cassandra Anderson Ron Paul’s Restore America Plan is a 12-page budget that cuts $1 trillion in spending the first year and balances the budget by the 3rd year.  Paul proposes eliminating 5 federal executive agencies that include the following departments: Commerce, Education, Energy, Housing and Urban Development and the Interior. The video […]

Point Break: ‘Spain last nail in Euro-coffin’

Youtube -RT Eurozone finance ministers have agreed to boost the EU’s rescue fund to 800 billion euros, to help countries like Spain recover from their crippling debt woes. Spain’s financial crisis has prompted the government to announce its biggest austerity measures in over three decades. The country’s vowed to cut 27 billion euros from its […]

Ron Paul Polling Better Than Obama in Ohio

Source: By Lauren Fox In the swing state of Ohio, it appears Texas Rep. Ron Paul’s grassroots following has taken hold. A Fox News Poll released Thursday shows in a head-to-head matchup, Ohio voters prefer Paul to Obama 42 percent to 41 percent. “Ohio voters, like all voters, are concerned about our nation’s future […]

We Are on the Road to Bankruptcy 2

Source: By John Stossel President Obama said in his State of the Union speech, “We’ve already agreed to more than $2 trillion in cuts and savings.” That was reassuring. The new budget he released this week promises $4 trillion in “deficit reduction” — about half in tax increases and half in spending cuts. But […]