Running Scared

The Oil Crash Of 2016 Has The Big Banks Running Scared

By Michael Snyder Economic Collapse Blog January 19, 2016   The Oil Crash Of 2016 Has The Big Banks Running Scared     Last time around it was subprime mortgages, but this time it is oil that is playing a starring role in a global financial crisis.  Since the start of 2015, 42 North American oil […]

Synthetic fuel the answer to U.S. oil dependence

Source: The U.S. can eliminate its dependency on crude oil if the country switched to production of synthetic fuel using a combination of non-food crops, natural gas and coal, according to researchers at Princeton University. In a paper produced by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, researchers say their plan could also cut greenhouse […]

Iran halts oil flow to Germany one day after Spain

Source: Iran has cut oil exports to Germany one day after halting crude sales to Spain as part of its counter sanctions against the European Union (EU). Tehran has already stopped oil exports to France, Britain, and Greece and is now considering halting crude sales to Italy. Iran’s decision to cut crude exports to […]

Fresh oil slicks forming over Deepwater Horizon spill site

Source: Despite assurances from British oil company BP that no oil was present at the Deepwater Horizon site in the Gulf of Mexico, two Louisiana State University men have returned with video evidence of large blooms of crude oil swelling up to the water’s surface where the doomed oil rig once hovered. Tests on […]