Lawmakers Introduce Legislation To Curtail Surprise Medical Bills

By Ashlee Kieler Consumerist October 21, 2015   Lawmakers Introduce Legislation To Curtail Surprise Medical Bills   frankieleon   There are good surprise and there are bad surprise. Falling into the latter category are unexpected medical bills, which affect nearly 30% of privately insured Americans. This week, lawmakers took steps to shield consumers from these […]


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GM May Face Federal Wire Fraud Charges Over Ignition Defect

By Chris Morran Consumerist June 9, 2015   GM May Face Federal Wire Fraud Charges Over Ignition Defect     We recently told you that prosecutors were considering bringing criminal charges against General Motors over the long-delayed ignition switch recall that resulted in more than 100 deaths, and now the picture is becoming clearer as […]

That Pesky Napoleonic Code

By David Hathaway   That Pesky Napoleonic Code   No asset seizures without charges against a person?  Wait a minute, you not only need charges, but you can’t forfeit assets without a conviction for an underlying non-asset crime?  No “Country of Chile versus one million dollars?”  No “Argentina versus a Mitsubishi Montero?”  So, you […]

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Another Oligarch Wrist Slap: Citigroup Settles in Secret on Housing Fraud Charges

Source: By Michael Krieger Another Oligarch Wrist Slap: Citigroup Settles in Secret on Housing Fraud Charges   Guess what just happened?  In case you forgot, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) had previously accused Citigroup of violating securities laws and making misrepresentations of billions of mortgage bonds.  Unsurprisingly, Citigroup settled, which is just a […]

Mom Arrested For Kids Playing Outside

Source: Added by Anna Janek on September 16, 2012 A stay-at-home mom from La Porte has filed a lawsuit against the city’s police department, an unknown officer and one of her neighbors. Tammy Cooper said she…

Journalist Takes Wiretapping Charges to Trial: “Bring On the Circus!” 1

Source: Jury Nullification Supporters Rally Behind Founder, Who Faces 21 Years in Prison for Reporting Police Brutality Keene, New Hampshire – August 4, 2012 – The controversial felony wiretapping charges journalist and founder Adam ‘Ademo’ Mueller is facing will go to trial, a situation that has stirred up a hornet’s nest of […]

No crash charges for ex-Commerce Secretary John Bryson

Source: A former US cabinet minister investigated over a hit-and-run over three crashes in California will not face charges, prosecutors have said. John Bryson, 68, said he had suffered a seizure and resigned from his post as commerce secretary on 21 June, days after being found slumped at the wheel of his car. The […]

The Silent Revolution: Icelandic Anger, Debt Forgiveness and Activist Triumph

Source: By Madison Ruppert The situation in Iceland is something those of us outside of the volcanic island nation hear about far too little, and when one examines the story of how Iceland triumphed over massive debts, it makes a lot of sense why this is the case. Earlier this year, the Icelandic Financial Services […]

NYPD Officer Sent To Psych Ward By Superiors After Reporting Corruption

Source: Graham Rayman at the Village Voice brings us more on officer Adrian Schoolcraft, the modern day Serpico who was sent to a psych ward for reporting on corruption in the NYPD. While working out of the 81st precinct in Brooklyn, Schoolcraft became aware of a pattern of crime victims getting caught up in […]

Ron Paul calls for criminal charges against Eric Holder 2

Source: By Kyle Rogers, Charleston Conservative Examiner Just days ago, CBS national news printed new details about Department of Justice operation “Fast & Furious.” Internal memos show that agents actually discussed using the operation as a “false flag” to justify taking away the 2nd amendment rights of US citizens. Congress is currently investigating Fast & Furious. Attorney […]