Think Tanks Want Solve the Opioid Crisis With a Military Invasion of Mexico

By Isaac Davis Waking Times July 20, 2017   Think Tanks Want Solve the Opioid Crisis With a Military Invasion of Mexico       Imagine how many lives we can save of those 500,000 Americans predicted to die because of Mexican opioids and meth. War with Mexico doesn’t sound so crazy anymore, does it? […]

Think Tanks Want Solve the Opioid Crisis With a Military Invasion of Mexico

US war on drugs – now in Africa

By RTAmerica While first running for the White House, Barack Obama campaigned on ending America’s war. Not it seems though that the focus now shifting away from the war on terror and toward the war on drugs. And that war is expanding from Latin America to Africa, two locales emerging as powerful hubs for drug […]

Global banks are the financial services wing of the drug cartels

Source: By Ed Vulliamy uruknet As HSBC executives apologize to the US Senate for laundering drugs money, the fact is that nothing changes. “Steal a little,” wrote Bob Dylan, “they throw you in jail; steal a lot and they make you a king.” These days, he might recraft the line to read: deal a […]

US Denies UN Arms Trade Treaty in Favor of Providing Weapons to Insurgents

Source: By Susanne Posel Occupy Corporatism Last week, the delegates who attended the Arms Trade Treaty Conference (ATT) reportedly did not come to a consensus to ratify the ATT, but rather will come back to the issue later this year. Further talks will likely take place at a UN General Assembly (UNGA) meeting wherein […]

Colombia court: Personal drug use is not a crime

Source: By Stephen C. Webster The Constitutional Court of Colombia approved a plan that will drop all criminal penalties for individuals caught with small amounts of marijuana or cocaine, according to Spanish-language media reports. That means anyone caught with less than 22 grams of marijuana, or one gram of cocaine, will no longer be […]

Fast and Furious: The Hidden History of the Drug War

Source: Posted by Corbett As US troops deploy to the Mexican border to deal with the fallout of Fast and Furious, details continue to emerge about this flagrantly illegal operation to arm Mexican drug lords in a supposed sting operation. But as veteran investigative journalist Bill Conroy points out, operations like this were going […]

Eric Holder: Largest Money-Launderer in the Drug Business

Source: By: John Ransom As if Congress didn’t have enough evidence that the Department of Justice has completely lost its mind, the New York Times is reporting that the Drug Enforcement Agency has helped launder “millions of dollars in drug proceeds” on behalf of Mexican drug cartels, a figure much higher than previously estimated. […]