Should Independents Boycott Disney for Supporting ABC News that is just Leftist?

By Martin Armstrong Armstrong Economics February 17, 2017   Should Independents Boycott Disney for Supporting ABC News that is just Leftist?       The press has really become a total disgrace. The press conference of Trump was fairly straight forward and he took questions from even some of the worst of the worst like […]

Should Independents Boycott Disney for Supporting ABC News that is just Leftist?

2012: The Year of Banker Infestation . . . 2013: The Year They Become Obsolete?

Source: YouTube – Max Keiser In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert argue over whether things are looking better or worse for the American worker. While Stacy argues that the return of some manufacturing is a sign that wealth creating jobs may return to the US, Max counters that the system is so […]

Solutions for the Economic Collapse (video)

[CIM] I am very happy to hear that James Corbett is now given the green light to upload full length videos.  Tune into his site, check the videos and  pod casts and remember to share!  James can also be found on Twitter @corbettreport. ### Source: Posted by Corbett Podcast: Play in new window | […]

Six Democratic superdelegates boycott convention and refuse to nominate Obama

Source: By Toby Harnden Two New York congressmen join four others in announcing they will not attend party convention in September More Democratic superdelegates are boycotting their party’s convention in North Carolina amid fears that any association with President Barack Obama will doom them to defeat in November. Representatives Kathy Hochul and Bill Owens […]

G Edward Griffin: A New Currency is Coming Soon; and The US Dollar is a Big Scam

Part 2 G Edward Griffin, author of “The Creature From Jekyll Island,” is our guest this week on to talk about the corrupt origins of the Federal Reserve, why the US Dollar is just “one big scam,” and the 3 things you can do right now to prepare for the coming hyperinflation and US […]

The Mainstream Media Is Completely Out Of Control

Source: By Trevor Lyman The mainstream media is completely out of control and nothing more than a big government (big bank, big war, big pharma, big prison, big police state, big agribusiness and so on) propaganda machine. If Ron Paul loses his bid for the Presidency it will be because their lies and smear […]

Fox Business News Axes Freedom Watch

Source: Was Judge Andrew Napolitano cutting to close to the bone for the establishment? Steve Watson February 10, 2012 The Fox Business Channel has cancelled one of the only shows on the entire Fox News network that was in any way informative or watchable – Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano. In a […]