Ron Paul On Trump, Anarchism & The AltRight

By The Conscious Resistance September 27, 2017   Ron Paul On Trump, Anarchism & The AltRight     On September 23, 2017, Derrick Broze interviewed former Congressman Ron Paul at the Nexus Earth conference in Aspen, Colorado. Copyright © 2017 Activist Post Reprinted with permission from

Ron Paul On Trump, Anarchism & The AltRight

Drachmageddon? Athens Waits for the Volcano to Explode

Source: ‘On Monday morning, this modern European nation could be waking up to a nightmare scenario, which runs as follows. The cash machines start drying up. Supermarket shelves are cleared by families fearful that food supplies will run out. There are queues round the block for the last dribbles from the petrol pumps, and […]

Welcome To Rome, Albeit The Sequel

There are occasions that I like to look back at and share information that is basic and that I normally assume to be in the general knowledge.  Sadly, I am reminded often through posts read and conversations that this is not the case.  Life evolves in a circular fashion. and this is only visible if […]


An explanation of why the Founders chose to design America as a republic, not a democracy and the compelling reasons why a republic must be maintained if individual liberty is to be preserved. Please visit Keith Broaders is a fine a very busy patriot.  Take time to visit his channel on YouTube listed […]