Government Education

  Government Education       There is an alternative. (H/T Robert Wenzel)  

So…You Want It For Free…

  Source: By Debbie Lewis,   So…You Want It For Free…   Columbia MO, September 4, 2013 – Ron Paul fans and friends were excited to hear the news that Paul would be taking to the video waves to offer information and his prized insights.  But, since his Ron Paul Channel Debut, people […]

MSM Really is Dying

Source: By  Judy Morris MSM Really is Dying   Cable TV news continues to bleed viewers and big newspapers have been bleeding readers for years. The alternate Internet media comprising independent journalist, bloggers and website operators are kicking MSM ass. Folks tend to blame the media for just about everything. However, in a nation […]

Counting Down because “Now is the Time”!

Now is the time.  Join the maiden broadcast on Dec 22. At NOON CENTRAL TODAY it begins. As the clock ticks down to this historic broadcast please forward to help get the message out — and getting Americans to tune in to hear liberty voices at: Tom Woods, Ernest Hancock, Larry Pratt, Adam Kokesh, […]

Alternative Media King Hires CIA–Stratfor Agent as Publishing Editor In Chief

Source: By Susanne Posel Occupy Corporatism November 26, 2012 Prominent radio host, Pete Santilli, of the Pete Santilli Show, relayed sourced information to me to assist in the creation of this article. You can listen to his broadcast of his show here. Pete and I collaborated on this article to bring factual and sourced […]

Solutions for the Economic Collapse (video)

[CIM] I am very happy to hear that James Corbett is now given the green light to upload full length videos.  Tune into his site, check the videos and  pod casts and remember to share!  James can also be found on Twitter @corbettreport. ### Source: Posted by Corbett Podcast: Play in new window | […]

Iowa Republican says government illegitimate, declares herself U.S. Senator

Source: By Jonathan Terbush An Iowa woman who was running for a state Senate seat has dropped that bid after deciding the U.S. government is a sham, and has instead unilaterally declared herself a U.S. Senator from the Republic of Iowa in an alternative government, the Republic for the United States of America. As […]

Ron Paul Super PAC Rallies All-Star Powercast Lineup

Source: By Lisa Revolution PAC, backer of U.S. Rep. Ron Paul’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination, is mustering dozens of special guests for its February 25 “Ron Paul Powercast.” Headliners confirmed to date include former CIA Bin Laden Unit Chief Michael Scheuer, “The Creature from Jekyll Island” author G. Edward Griffin, award-winning Fox […]