Republican Powerbrokers Intend to Clear the GOP Field for a Favored Establishment Candidate 1

By Against Crony Capitalism   Republican Powerbrokers Intend to Clear the GOP Field for a Favored Establishment Candidate   “I don’t like journalism,” – Sheldon Adelson    The old boys with giant checkbooks want Jeb, Christie, or Romney in the White House. (Romney!) You know the guys who completely interchangeable with Hillary. The fat felines don’t want […]

Nevada caucuses: State GOP rolls snake eyes

Source: By REID J. EPSTEIN   LAS VEGAS – The biggest loser in Nevada’s Republican caucuses? The state’s feckless GOP. Unable to control how its county parties count and report results, state Republicans were scrambling Sunday to explain why, almost 24 hours after most caucuses ended, the votes still have not been counted. Here […]

Special evening caucus at Adelson school ignites more controversy

Source: By Conor Shine   A special evening caucus organized for religious voters who observe a Saturday Sabbath was swarmed with Ron Paul voters, causing long lines, angry confrontations and cries of voter disenfranchisement. Paul, a 12-term Texas congressman, won the precinct, but with the outcome statewide already decided before the caucus began the […]

Dealing From the Bottom of the Deck

Source: By Lew Rockwell Last night, when CNN shut down its election coverage after Ron won the Adelson caucus, there was no explanation, just a confusing switch to earlier coverage. We still do not know the results for approximately half the votes in the state. I believe Ron came in a solid second, at […]

Nevada! Clark County Vote Fraud

Source: By Robert Wanek Caucuses are a hotbed for corruption. Votes can be changed, tossed, or miscounted at almost any time in some caucus settings. Transparency has been eliminated in the process as some counties wisp their results away to a secret location to tally the vote totals. Over 900 ‘dead people’ cast their […]