Should Ron Paul announce a VP pick?


By Lori Stacey

Credit: Alex Wong, Getty Images

Could Ron Paul pick a VP?

It would be quite a brilliant political move if Ron Paul decided to announce a VP choice in the coming days. He could finally steal some huge headlines, especially if he beat Mitt Romney to the punch. It would also remind and inform voters on the fact that Ron Paul actually never suspended his campaign and does qualify to have his name entered into nomination at the Republican National Convention.

There are intense legal battles going on in all or most of the states that Ron Paul has or had a plurality in until recently. Even his strong delegation in Maine is now hanging in the balance as to whether they will be able to be seated at the convention. Considering this state was so boldly wrought with fraud and the state party never finished counting the votes of the caucus and never announced the real winner, it is just a complete additional slap in the face to try to also steal his majority of delegates that were won fair and square at their state convention.

While many of his supporters are furious that the RNC has not thrown Ron Paul a bone by offering him a censored speaking slot, people must note that if he had accepted this type of role at the convention, then that would be the equivalent of his quest for the nomination being officially over and falling into line behind Mitt Romney. So the fact that he has not been announced as a speaker yet should be seen as good news for the slim possibility of still being nominated at the convention. If this happens, he would automatically be entitled to give a 15-minute speech before the delegates vote according to the GOP’s rule 40c. He would then not be censored as to what the party would allow him to say such as a pro-Romney script. Ron Paul has stated on more than one occasion that a scripted and GOP-approved speech is not what he is interested in giving anyway. Can you blame him?

As to deciding on a Vice Presidential pick, Ron Paul needs to bring over more of the social conservative base. For this reason, he should choose someone that is either already a popular social conservative or someone that social conservatives could quickly get excited about once they learn about their background.

Pastor Chuck Baldwin would have to be high on the short list. The 2 gentlemen are personal friends and seem to have a great deal of mutual respect and admiration for one another. As readers may recall, Chuck Baldwin was the nominee for President with the Constitution Party in 2008. In fact, Ron Paul broke party correctness and instead made a gutsy move of standing on principle and officially endorsed Chuck Baldwin for President after he lost the Republican nomination to John McCain. If more of the base of the Republican party ever had the opportunity to hear a passionate speech from Pastor Baldwin, they would be jumping to their feet. Chuck would have to be given serious consideration as a possible VP pick if Ron Paul actually follows through with the process.

Judge Roy Moore who briefly ran for President this cycle would have been another good choice if he had not won his primary seeking to get his old position back as Alabama’s Chief Justice. I doubt anything would cause him to abandon that effort this year. He could have driven social conservatives wild at the convention and brought over much of the older crowd that remember quite clearly his battle over the 10 commandments’ monument in Alabama that caused him to lose his position as Chief Justice.

The most obvious pick could have been his son Senator Rand Paul. That option would now not be likely especially after Rand not only endorsed Mitt Romney but was just announced as being given a major speaking spot at the convention. He seems to sadly be in full party loyalty mode with his sites set on 2016, not on shaking up 2012.

The only possibility of a running mate that Ron Paul has ever publicly mentioned he would consider is Judge Andrew Napolitano. While he is certainly wildly popular across the country and especially with Paul’s supporters already, two libertarians on the ticket would probably not be the best pick politically. It would definitely be an exciting ticket but not necessarily achieve broadening the base needed for the general election. Besides that, Judge Andrew Napolitano would be best utilized as an Attorney General in waiting for a Supreme Court opening during a Paul Administration.

No matter who Ron Paul chose, it would be a brilliant and exciting political move on his part. If the establishment treats you as a thorn in their side, may as well go for it all the way. Even if he ultimately does not win the nomination, it is better to leave a legacy of fighting to the end and doing everything possible to try to win rather than to miss a once in a lifetime opportunity that could leave him with regret and his supporters with disappointment.