Samuel David Duck for Maryville School Board


Education is half of our state and local budgets. Even if you have no direct stake in public education, the massive budget is a major factor in high taxes. Unfortunately, our federal government spends 5 times more money paying interest to banks than it does on education, yet the federal government has enormous impact on education. If you are tired of big government telling us how to run our schools, but you are also tired of your taxes going up year after year, I’m on your side. Who knows more about what is best for you and your family, you or some legislator in Nashville or DC? Together, we can keep the budget under control, and tell the feds where to go with their grand schemes.

Please visit to learn more.  Happy to see this.  If you live in Maryville or know those that do remember to share this link today.

Vote Samuel David Duck for Maryville School Board November 6!