Ron Paul rallies supporters for third stop in Idaho


By Justin Corr

Ron Paul campaigning in Idaho

The battle for Idaho’s delegates continued on Saturday as Congressman Ron Paul made another stop in Idaho.

This is the third appearance in Boise by a Republican Presidential Candidate this week, after Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney stopped by the City of Trees.

People were lined up waiting to get into CenturyLink Arena for close to two hours Saturday morning, all to see Congressman and Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul.

“He’s the only candidate that’s really got a pro limited government message,” said Ryan Davidson with Idahoans for Liberty, a group trying to get Paul the Republican nomination. “The other candidates talk a good game, but Ron Paul’s got a 24-year track record in Congress to prove it.”

Davidson said he’s thrilled that Paul made three appearances in Idaho this week (Twin Falls, Moscow, and Boise).

“That was great,” said Davidson. “It was more than we were hoping for, I’m glad he’s putting in the time in Idaho.”

Around 2,400 people packed into the arena to listen and and cheer at every opportunity for Paul’s message of state’s rights and limited government, .

When asked about his supporters looking at him like a rock star, Paul responded, “Yeah, it embarrasses me.”

Embarrassment aside, Paul said the turnouts for his events in Idaho have exceeded expectations at every stop. He said that’s a good sign for the future.

“There is a momentum building,” said Paul. “But, I’ve seen this in our campaign for quite a few months, if not for years. It’s been slow, steady growth. A lot of people say once you join our campaign, you usually never leave. The other candidates, you’ve seen sharp increases and then sharp decreases.”

Paul said the fact that he’s made more stops in Idaho than any other candidate absolutely means that he’s put a priority on winning the Idaho Caucus and the Gem State’s 32 delegates.

“That should be the goal,” said Paul. “We want to get as many delegates as possible and we feel very good. I mean, the enthusiasm here has been fantastic and it’s been that way. So we’re optimistic.”

This was Paul’s final stop on a whirlwind tour of Idaho and the Northwest. His next stop is Kansas City, Saturday night.

We’ll have more from Congressman Paul, and the other Republican Presidential Candidates to visit Idaho this week (Governor Romney and Senator Santorum) Sunday on Viewpoint at 9 a.m.


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