Ron Paul Raises $1.2mil On Valentine’s Day


Ron Paul Raises $1.2mil On Valentine’s Day

Ron Paul Valentine's Day money bomb

Ron Paul pulled in $1.2mil on Valentine's Day

Texas Congressman and presidential hopeful Ron Paul raised more than US$1.2 million in a special “money bomb” effort on Valentine’s Day, showing the candidate is as viable as his competitors.

The congressman hit the amount at the end of Valentine’s Day, but more donations for the moneybomb are continuing to pour in. As of this writing, the campaign has taken in US1.213,500 through his fundraising effort. The official Paul campaign website has a running tally of donations going on its front page.

The money raised equals that brought in to the Rick Santorum campaign after his upset wins in Missouri, Minnesota, and Colorado last week, notes The Hill. Congressman Paul has yet to win a primary or caucus.

In an e-mail to supporters, Congressman Paul wrote, “Every day, more and more Americans are realizing how deeply our out-of-control government has devastated our nation, and they’re angry. They’re looking for answers, and my staff is ready to ramp up our efforts even more to reach them with our solutions – through more hard-hitting ads, direct mail and email, more boots on the ground, and more personal phone calls.”

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