Ron Paul leads in Iowa poll: Will mainstream media black it out or start attacking?


Update 12/19: USA Today On Politics says, “Paul’s rise comes as Newt Gingrich fades. The former House speaker has dropped nine percentage points nationally since the beginning of the month, according to the Gallup daily tracking poll.”

Original post 12/18: A Press Release from Public Policy Polling (PPP) shows Ron Paul leads in Iowa polls while Newt Gingrich spirals down fast due to his lack of campaigning in the state.

Twitter is buzzing with Ron Paul supporters celebrating and asking “what will the mainstream do with this information?”

Red_Pill_Media Rise of Ron Paul Proves The Establishment Media is Not All Powerful . They’re scared because they know the game is up.

Currently, taking the lead is Ron Paul at 23%, Mitt Romney at 20%, and Newt Gingrich trailing both way down at 14%.

Meanwhile, a three way tie goes to Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Perry all side-by-side at 10%.

Jon Huntsman takes 4% and finally Gary Johnson sits at the bottom with 2%.

PPP points out that spending time in Iowa campaigning has proved crucial in moving up in the polls. They report, “voters say it’s ‘very important’ that a candidate spends a lot of time in Iowa.”

PPP’s website reads, “PPP is best known for putting out highly accurate polling on key political races across the country.” It goes on to say, “Testimonials: The Wall Street Journal ranked PPP as one of the top swing state pollsters in the country during the last Presidential election.”


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