Ron Paul IS BEATING Romney/ The media LIES! Watch This!

Proof that Ron Paul is beating Romney and the media lies to us!
Romney can’t put together a crowd and should be embarrassed
at the difference in the turnouts for him versus Ron Paul.
How can it be possible that he has won nearly every state?
Nobody has won anything yet, the counts they announce on the television
are only Straw Polls and not real votes! They are an illusion, an estimation,
a guess at what might happen in the future, and a trick on the public to make them think
Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance.
But the public is waking up to the deception and won’t be tricked anymore
Ron Paul 2012

If you don’t believe this video then take a MINUTE and do a search on you tube
Run a search on Ron Paul crowd, then run a search on Mitt Romney crowd
and see what comes back! Santorum and Gingrich don’t even pull a big enough
crowd to even mention!


Ron Paul 2012: Restore America Now

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