Ron Paul hour long interview 10/28/11 – Time to Get Informed

If you are not happy with the current situation then change it.  Change, not the type in your pocket or purse, not like the change many voted for in 2008, real change.  It will never happen if you do the same thing hoping for different results.

It has little to do with voting “R” or “D”, voting white or black, voting male or female.  The change will happen when you vote differently.  You did vote differently last time?  So how did that “change” work out for you?  The real change the country needs is not a change in parties to run the country, as they really do not.  The change is in you and your abilities.  Many people vote either party line because, well just because that is what they always do without thinking.  The others that are flexible will vote for the best candidate, but not willing to take the time to learn about the candidates other than sound clips and the orchestrated main stream media flood of directed information to tell you who is best for you.

My Question is a simple one.  Who knows you and your families needs better than you?  Now, you want change, real change, good! Take time to turn off the hype and listen to what each candidate really stands for, what is their voting record, are they consistent?

Here is your chance for one of the presidential candidates.  If others are willing to talk past quick sound bites and slogans listen to them also.  Then make your own well educated decision.  I hope to see you at the voting booths.