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By, Charleston Conservative Examiner

Eric Holder Credits: US Congress

Just days ago, CBS national news printed new details about Department of Justice operation “Fast & Furious.” Internal memos show that agents actually discussed using the operation as a “false flag” to justify taking away the 2nd amendment rights of US citizens.

Congress is currently investigating Fast & Furious. Attorney General Eric Holder has already been caught making at least one false statement under oath.

Gun rights advocates have been asking why Republicans aren’t calling for criminal charges against Eric Holder. Many have criticized FOX News for giving the story little coverage. CBS national news has been breaking most of the new details related to Fast & Furious. Recently Eric Holder yelled at a reporter at an event in DC. He blamed the media for public outrage over Fast & Furious, and told a reporter “you guys need to stop it.”

Today, Texas Congressman Ron Paul became the first GOP president candidate to call for criminal charges against Eric Holder.

Speaking to syndicated radio talk show host Alex Jones, Paul called for Holder to be “immediately fired.” Paul went on to say “I think it was criminal,” and called the operation a “false flag.” He said that there needs to be an immediate investigation into Holder himself, and said Holder “deserves charges.”

Paul went on to discuss a now infamous memo from White House lawyers who claim Obama has the right to assassinate American citizens anywhere in the world. Paul stated that Obama is trying to “legalize Martial law.”

Paul also mocked the FBI’s claim of uncovering an Iranian assignation plot against the Saudi ambassador. He said the man arrested “may never be tried because they don’t want the truth to come out.”

2 thoughts on “Ron Paul calls for criminal charges against Eric Holder

  • Moridin

    If as many people would write their Congressman letters of outrage over Holder’s stunts as they have over SOPA and the NDAA then maybe something would be done about him…. but that’s a damn big maybe. Look at what their good ‘ol buddy Corzine has done, and all they do is continue to pat him on the back and make excuses for him.

    They no longer believe they are beholden to the people, or they wouldn’t make such obvious moves against us (such as indefinite detention for anyone who commits a belligerent act). They really are setting the stage for a martial law scenario that would have made Hitler envious. Even he never had all of the controls on his own people that have been written into executive order already.

    We are literally one false flag attack away from them rounding up ‘right wing extremists’…. and that seems to include a just about everyone in the LIBERTY movement.

  • Robin

    Is Ron Paul breathing thing in Washington with balls? Everyone else keeps pussy footin around because they know how thick Holder and Obama are…..afraid to speak up by saying, “It’s being handled by the appropriate departments. No further comment.”

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