Ron Paul 2012 Site Still Rockin’ Despite Cyberattack

It seems despite the intentional lack of main stream media coverage following Ron Paul’s historic finish in the Ames, IA straw poll the message and movement keep gaining momentum, which seems to be the inspiration to stop the freedom movement via a cyberattack on the ronpaul2012 web site last night.

As I reported last night “Ron Paul 2012 site oops or hack?”, the site was interrupted close to the end of the birthday moneybomb set to celebrate Ron Paul’s birthday.  The tally of donations was around $1.49 million when the attack took place, of which the site has been fully restored and operating as designed.

The cyberattack has been confirmed by John Tate, RonPaul2012 Campaign Manager.  Below is a quote John’s message sent shortly after midnight.

Earlier this evening, a cyberattack was launched on our website – shutting us down and robbing us of the last few hours of our money bomb.Boy, the establishment is more desperate than I thought. They don’t even want our message to get out ON OUR OWN WEBSITE now!We will not be silenced, and our money bomb will not be deterred.

Before the attack, we were VERY close to our $1.5 million goal – now we’re at $1.49 million and counting.We’re still working on restoring full functionality to the online store, but the rest of our website is back up and running.And because of the time we lost toward reaching our goal, I’m announcing now that we’ll be leaving the ticker up until Noon pacific tomorrow and extending the Ron Paul Birthday Money Bomb!

To further show the establishment that we’re more determined than ever to win this race, we’re also extending the goal to $1.75 million!

If you are having trouble donating, please try again tomorrow.  Let me assure you that your data is safe.