Revolution PAC at CPAC; Ron Paul The Elephant In The Room


Aaron Jones is at CPAC representing Revolution PAC to bring Ron Paul supporters across the nation independent, insider coverage about the factions within the conservative movement. Aaron reports that while there is of course the normal talk and posturing from the neocons there is something that no one is talking about. Ron Paul’s absence at CPAC is in many ways doing more to bring attention to the man and his ideals than his presence would. Aaron reports to the RevPac HQ that there are many subtle flirtations with ideas of auditing the Fed, returning to the gold standard, and the destruction of American civil liberties. Ron Paul and his ideas are the elephant in the room at CPAC this year as many supporters have come to show their support for liberty in this largely establishment stronghold. These Patriots are showing the “conservatives” attending that we are here to stay; that we will take the message of liberty where it is needed regardless of whether Dr. Paul is there. There is no doubt that Ron Paul’s ideals are influencing the conversation at CPAC this year and will continue to do so. No one defects from the cause of liberty once their minds have been awakened.

Watch the video for a surprise appearance by Ron Paul!

Stay tuned to more updates from Revolution PAC and our boots on the ground as our CPAC coverage continues.