Quartzsite, Arizona: Blueprint For A Police State Takeover 1

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First the town Mayor is forced out of office, then a state of emergency is declared in secret and if matters couldn’t get any worse for the unfortunate townspeople of Quartzsite, the majority of the police force is now being forced to stay in their own homes during working hours.

Nine out of a total of fourteen Quartzsite, Arizona police officers have been suspended, all of which just happened to be whistle blowers who exposed their corrupt police chief.

The Mayor, Ed Foster, was elected on the platform of investigating the corrupt goings-on in the Quartzsite city council. Therefore, it is not quite surprising that they would force out the man who intends to prove them to be criminals.

The city has now become a fascist authoritarian police state with the criminal police chief Jeff Gilbert at the helm.

Gilbert has been accused of violating federal medical privacy laws, intimidation of officers and members of the community with whom he disagrees, using police resources to find “dirt” on political candidates and citizens with whom he disagrees, favoritism to the point of not arresting friends who have warrants, targeting certain citizens for traffic stops and arrests due to their beliefs or political ideas, disciplining officers not on merit but “loyalty” to Gilbert and his illegal activity, publicly humiliating officers he decides are “unfit,” and last but not least selectively promotes his friends in direct violation of police department regulations.

A detailed letter explaining the chief’s illicit activities issued by the Quartzsite Police Officers Association can be read here.

The Quartzsite Police Officers Association’s conclusion is that Gilbert must be placed on administrative leave until a thorough investigation is conducted and that town policy is followed accordingly.

The astoundingly corrupt city council declared a state of emergency in the small Arizona town during a secret meeting.

This arbitrarily declared state of emergency allows the council to continue to meet in secret, refuse to allow the public to comment until the council decides the state of emergency has ceased.

The scary part is: there is no emergency other than the one this council has created. A corrupt group of bureaucrats are holding an entire town hostage and Arizona’s governor refuses to step in.

The state of martial law declared by the criminals in the council began after the video of a woman was removed for legally speaking when recognized during a public meeting.

When the city council attempts to impede on Jennifer Jade Jones’ First Amendment rights, Mayor Foster points out that the police are in fact “in violation of [his] rules of order.”

Mayor Foster did not recognize the officers; Jones was recognized at the time and had every right to speak her mind for the entirety of her time allotted.

The police attempt to rip the microphone from her grasp and at first Mayor Foster is able to call off the goons but eventually the police illegally removed her from the meeting anyway.

The brave Mayor Foster discovered that during every pay period 8-10 checks were sent to non-existent personnel, totaling $250,000 each year.

This practice has been going on since 1991 and Mayor Foster has been denied access to the financial records showing where this money goes.

This is, on its face, a blatant violation of the law and a not-so-subtle attempt to cover up a decade of corruption.

Mayor Foster has gone to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s office along with the Attorney General and the FBI with this information, all of which gave him the cold shoulder.

Fox News got the run-around from authorities as well. The Arizona Department of Public Safety claimed they do not even have a timeline for the multimillion dollar corruption investigation. Furthermore, when questioned about the police chief forcing honorable officers to stay in their homes, the DPS said, “we are not in charge of Quartzsite.” The Attorney General’s office claimed a statement would be issued soon but no such statement has been issued as of yet.

Not only have the nine officers been forced to stay in their homes from 8 AM to 12 PM and 1 PM to 5 PM Monday through Friday, they have been threatened with dismissal if they refuse to do so.

If this isn’t a wakeup call for America, what will be?

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  • Greg Collins

    Hey Chris

    Greg Collins from msfraud and RTR. Been investigating lending, insurance and investment fraud for 10 years. THis is the same pattern of behavior of police at every level towards whistleblowers and ordinary citizens taking a stand for the rule of law. The government considers law abiders as terrorists because they are crooks that don’t want to get caught, they hide behind the badge and use the color of law to silence and discredit anyone opposed to corruption. I have been telling people for ten years about the fifncial damge from unlawful foreclosures and loans. corrupt law enforcement has fought me tooth and nail every inch of the way, false arrests, intimidation, refusal to file reports, fabrication of false reports etc. etc. Rod Blagojevich gave 25 million to the same Ameriquest office that stole my home. I proved my case years ago with 40 States A.G.s finding Amerquest guilty of hundreds of thousands of counts of fraud, and yet no restitution, no recovery of my stolen home, and six years of being held “under investiation” in California. I see the same pattern of shaking down tourists and refusing to respond to and report crimes and a rampant takeover of violent criminal gangs here in plain public view in small town environment.

    Yes I have lived in police state conditions for a decade, God bless you for fighting for truth, justice and the rule of law.

    Big Ron Paul supporter met with him twice on the issue of the upcoming collpase of the economy due to unlawfull foreclosures and toxic assets before it was a commonly known issue. I’m a social conservative, traditional Republican, strict bible based Christian and as such have some philosophical differences, but neocons went off on a wild tangent and became statists. I’m firm on crime and am dismayed by moral decay. The Constitution is the best framework for all of us, Ron Paul is the only proven supporter of the Constitution

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