Prof. Sabrin on Gold Market Manipulation


Prof. Sabrin on Gold Market Manipulation

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When the Federal Government came shut down this month, many economists predicted the price of gold would rise.

When it did not do so, many analysts began to question if the value of gold was being artificially manipulated.

Many investors believe the price of gold is being held low through manipulation of the markets, in order to keep investors away from the precious metal. How this affects the economy is yet to be seen.

Gold has traditionally been a hedge against uncertainty for investors. When the market is left untouched, investors flock toward buying gold to protect them from market fluctuations.

Doctor Murray Sabrin is a professor of finance and has a doctorate in economic geography. He is also a forecaster, making predictions about the economy and politics. Over the years, many of these predictions have come true.

Sabrin has been interviewed by several television shows and newspapers.

Murray Sabrin is our guest on the show today. He is here to talk to us about the possible manipulation of gold prices, as well as the future of the economy.

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