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Big Pharma Dangles Life and Death Over Patients’ Heads

By Tony Cartalucci LocalOrg February 20, 2015   Big Pharma Dangles Life and Death Over Patients’ Heads Breakthroughs in gene therapy mean a single shot could cure you … permanently … but for a price.   Gene therapy involves identifying and replacing faulty or missing genes, or engineering augmentations for existing genes to permanently cure […]

Russia: West Purposefully Sabotaging Peace in Syria

Source: Russia: West Purposefully Sabotaging Peace in Syria Also, German paper FAZ reports Houla was the work of rebels, not pro-Assad militias By Tony Cartalucci In his most recent statement, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov repeated that Russia opposes any attempt to intervene or level sanctions against Syria. He also exposed the West’s role in […]

So Who Is Behind The Ron Paul Attacks?

GINGRICH’S NEOCON THINK TANK BEHIND RON PAUL ATTACKS :-)) The US State Dept funds a group called the FDD – Foundation for Defense of Democracies. This is a neocon think-tank where the Ron Paul attacks are originating. Specifically from a guy named James Kirchick. And guess who’s an advisor at FDD? Newt Gingrich. google: Gingrich […]

Nobel Peace Prize-President quietly opens 8th US battlefront, Uganda

Source: Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer Activist Post While America occupies Iraq and Afghanistan, wages covert war on Pakistan, conducts drone attacks on Yemen and Somalia, bombards Libya, and positions for a wider confrontation with Iran and Syria, Nobel Peace Prize Laurette President Obama has now quietly, without much fanfare, sent 100 US troops to […]

FBI intercepts its own terrorist plot against US Capitol, Pentagon

Source: Boston: FBI Thwarts Own R/C Bomb Another case of FBI entrapment, proving the only terrorism Americans must fear, comes from within the bowels of their own government. Tony Cartalucci Sept 29, 2011 The United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) claims to have thwarted their own “drone” bomb, in yet another farcical case […]