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Truth and Consequences

By Karen Kwiatkowski January 19, 2017   Truth and Consequences   The ground shifted in Washington and elsewhere with the news that Chelsea Manning’s 35-year sentence had been commuted in the outgoing president’s spasmodic burst of compassion. The head of an entrenched foreign policy characterized by equal parts force, arrogance and ignorance commuted the […]

Karen Kwiatkowski

Karen Kwiatkowski

Can the Deep State be Cured?

By Karen Kwiatkowski August 19, 2016   Can the Deep State be Cured?   So, after getting up late, groggy, and feeling overworked even before I started, I read this article.  Just after, I had to feed a dozen cats and dogs, each dog in a separate room out of respect for their territorialism […]

Naked and Afraid – Government Uncut!

By Karen Kwiatkowski June 22, 2016   As usual, Justin Raimondo is insightful and accurate.  He is bold and honest in a world where honesty and courage are rare.  With links to primary sources, he succinctly explains the failed and failing Iraq war, and the US Syria agenda – and ties it to U.S. presidential […]

Karen Kwiatkowski

Karen Kwiatkowski

An Age of Innocence, in Retrospect

By Karen Kwiatkowski November 9, 2015   Ahmed Chalabi, age 71, has died of a heart attack in Baghdad. As a close observer of his unique role in provoking the Iraq War – a foreign policy and strategic military disaster 12 years ago – I can’t help but look back on that time as an […]

Enjoy the Decline and Fall of American Statism!

By Karen Kwiatkowski March 13, 2015   Enjoy the Decline and Fall of American Statism!   The headlines at Drudge are an excellent barometer of what’s up with government and culture.   Glancing over cops being killed by the other side of law enforcement (the people), Hillary’s new Whitewater files (this time electronic), Army and […]

Karen Kwiatkowski

Karen Kwiatkowski

What the Statists are Reading

By Karen Kwiatkowski What the Statists are Reading   The Highlands Forum is a Pentagon-funded, contractor-executed think-boutique, a miniature Aspen Institute.  It holds casual meetings for the purpose of sharing ideas, and the ideas being shared are linked by a single overarching theme.  I think this theme is “How can government bureaucrats and armchair […]

I’d Like to Think…

Source: By Karen Kwiatkowski August 16, 2014 I’d Like to Think…   I’d like to think that if I stop paying attention to the crimes and conspiracies of the US government abroad, those crimes and conspiracies stop.  They don’t. I’d like to think that as a vocal person, as an occasional voter, as a […]

Karen Kwiatkowski

Karen Kwiatkowski

Early Lessons of Bunkerville

  Source: By Karen Kwiatkowski Early Lessons of Bunkerville   The rush and rapidity of events in Bunkerville, Nevada surprised and cheered many, and there is a lot to learn from this case. It’s too soon to know the long-term impact of people standing up against armed federales last week, but here are some […]

Five Minutes of [Very Polite] Revolution

Source: By Karen Kwiatkowski I am running for Congress in the 6th District of Virginia. Our GOP primary is June 12th. We intend to fill a small part of the void of constitutional and small government backbone that will be left when Dr. Paul steps down from his Congressional seat in 2013. Our local […]

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