Obama’s $1 Trillion Deficit – Paul’s $1 Trillion Cut

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Obama’s $1 Trillion Deficit – Paul’s $1 Trillion Cut

Reports USA Today:

President Obama’s proposed 2013 budget will forecast a $901 billion deficit for next year, falling far short of his goal to halve the deficit in four years.

The budget, an outline of which was released by the White House Friday night, will show a higher deficit this year than in 2011, up from $1.3 trillion to $1.33 trillion.

When President Obama talks about spending “cuts” it’s always some plan that will supposedly unfold over a decade and that the next president or Congress can change at whim. In other words, cuts never happen. But budget deficits, as evidenced above, happen every year. And they will continue to happen every year.

President Paul would offer $1 trillion cuts in the first year. Mitt Romney doesn’t offer this or anything close to it. Neither do the other Republican presidential candidates. In fact, some candidates openly mock Paul for daring to cut so much.

There was a lot of talk at CPAC this weekend about getting away from the reckless fiscal policies of Obama and this is something we unquestionably must do.

But there’s only one Republican running for president who will actually do it.

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