Obama being Sworn in as President in Private and Secret without Press on Sunday January 20th. Why no Press allowed? 12

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In early meetings with the inaugural committee, officials privately indicated to reporters that the Jan. 20 event could be closed to reporters and cameras, with an official photograph supplied to press by White House photographer Pete Souza,

This is something that is absolutely bizarre.

It seems that Obama will be sworn in as President in private (secret) without the Press being allowed to view to video it. They will release photos that the White House Press photographer will take, after it is done.

WHY? Seriously… how come the secrecy? Why won’t they allow it to be videoed?

Excuse me BUT…. this is our country and Obama is suppose to work for us!  Also he supposedly was going to be the most transparent President….

I know that is a laugh, just like all those empty 2008 promises that were out the window…

Besides all his Bull**** things he had said he would do for the people, yet out Bushed Bush and since has been the most self centered non-producing nor liberty President in our history.  In fact he will be going down as the worst President ever and taking the U.S. down into the gutters with debt and lies…

He is now going to be sworn in to what amounts as secrecy due to no outside press or disclosure of the swearing in?

What type of swearing in will be done?  The normal?  If it was the normal why can’t there be press there?

So if there is no allowing of public disclosure of the swearing in, that then begs the question and leaves to the imagination…. what type of swearing in will it actually be?  A swearing in of a dictatorship?  A swearing in using something other than the Bible?     A swearing in without saying he will follow the “constitution” of the United States?   A swearing in of an abnormal ceremony?

Yes a lot of things are left to the imagination of how Obama will be sworn in as the President of our country.

Considering it is our country and we the people are who make the country great, not the politicians.  We have a right to see the swearing in of the person that was placed as President.

Obama has no right to have this in private nor secret of what is said and how it is done.

Politico released the information about the private swearing in. 


“Mindful of the historic nature of this occasion, we expect the White House will continue the long tradition of opening the President’s official swearing-in to full press access, and we as an organization are looking forward to working with the administration to make that happen,” Ed Henry, the Fox News correspondent and president of the White House Correspondents Association, said in a statement.

In early meetings with the inaugural committee, officials privately indicated to reporters that the Jan. 20 event could be closed to reporters and cameras, with an official photograph supplied to press by White House photographer Pete Souza,

The White House press corps acknowledges that nothing is set in stone. But even the possibility of a closed-press inauguration has stirred up immense frustration among the White House press corps, who note that past Sunday inaugurations were open to press.

Call me shell-shocked. I’m stunned that this is even an issue; it boggles the mind,” NBC News White House correspondent Chuck Todd told POLITICO. “This is not their oath, this is the constitutional oath. It’s not for them. It’s for the public, the citizens of the United Sates. It just boggles the mind — How is this even a debate?”

So….. what are we to think that this President is wanting to be sworn in secretly/privately?   It sure does make the imagination run wild with all those “conspiracies” out there about him not really having the United States best interest in his heart and mind.

This is my stance and what I say to this government:

We the People of these United States of which this country was founded on the Constitution of the United States have a right to see the person who is going to be leading the United States as President for the next four years… Sworn in to do that duty for the Citizens of these United States!  He is our employee and he is suppose to do the bidding of the people who live by the constitution of these United States!   We demand to have a fully publicly  viewed Swearing in of Obama to confirm he will stand by the Constitution of which this country was founded! 



Unreal, but no longer unbelievable anymore. If this happens and does not outrage the people I feel we live in a nation of zombies. Remember 2009 when Obama had to be sworn in twice, the second time in the Map Room of the White House.


  • Kapt Blasto

    I was watching “spectre” a little while ago…..and I was thinking to myself….you know what? What happens if there really IS an “Ernst Starvo Blofeld” with white kitty in lap, running things from behind the scenes?

  • Kapt Blasto

    I was watching “spectre” a little while ago…..and I was thinking to myself….you know what? What happens if there really IS an “Ernst Starvo Blofeld” with white kitty in lap, running things from behind the scenes?

    • Kapt Blasto

      I’ll tell you this much….Batista versus Bond? I can almost imagine the Kitchen scene…..if Bond grabbed a can of spinach…and just for a second…..thought it over….and said…..”hmmmm”

    • Kapt Blasto

      I’ll tell you this much….Batista versus Bond? I can almost imagine the Kitchen scene…..if Bond grabbed a can of spinach…and just for a second…..thought it over….and said…..”hmmmm”

  • Kapt Blasto

    I hear some people talk about “the evil usurper” as if they’re in the middle of some grand crusade.

    My guess is…they would say the SAME THING about Abraham Lincoln….especially during the throes of the Civil War…

    And if they WERE Native American…..their evil usurper would probably be Andrew Jackson, from way back when…who else was it that drove the “Nations” onto “reservations” with the “trail of tears?”

  • Probably because the CJ has to swear in Obama’s mother in Law first as “First Mother-in-Law” or “Granny-in-Chief” so she can open up the SECRET SUITCASE, once again…and put in ANOTHER SECRET RECIPE that must stay kept from Michelle’s prying eyes…so that Michelle doesn’t boot Mamma out the door!

    Well…the lady’s got to have HER cooking secrets….!

    Just because Marion Robinson’s taught her daughter Michelle everything Michelle knows about how to keep Barack’s Tummy Happy and his butt at home…doesn’t mean that she taught Michelle everything SHE knows….And let me tell you something, buddy…that’s one shrewd lady! She ain’t going to spill THOSE STATE SECRETS, lemme tell you!

    Well…it’s either that or, I’m willing to bet, that the Chief Justice, in order to keep the peace and tranquility aspects of the Constitution *relatively* upheld…(and, to keep what might be the REAL USURPERS out of the big chair…)

    …figured out a way to FIX the whole KENYAN problem, that many folks say Barack’s got!

    I mean, if the pro-lifers were truthful with themselves, and NOT double-minded about things…they’d support Barack against any “Birther” claims, because when sperm hit egg in Anne Dunham, an AMERICAN…they’d have to concede the fact that Barack IS a “NATURAL BORN AMERICAN CITIZEN,” right there!

    But…things aren’t so nice and clean….and what you figure SHOULD be (at least, in a logical sense)…ain’t. That’s why you don’t see NARAL, NOW, and Planned Parenthood, get some brains, and team up with the NRA, against what ought to be the common enemy of SOCIALISM, against WOMANHOOD…

    and, that’s why you still have pockets of all this “Birther” brou-ha-ha that sometimes bubble up, from otherwise STELLAR “Legal Eagles” who should have known better, that if the “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN” rule was ever EVENLY and TRUTHFULLY applied…then the only Persons who could TRUTHFULLY hold the Job of President, would be the Native Americans…the INDIANS.

    So…how much are you willing to bet that the CJ, took Marion Robinson to the side, and said,

    “OOPS. I did it again, and muffed up the words..and, Marion, I need your help! Tell you what, hun….let’s take that *practice Swear-in,* again, and you can use YOUR NAME, just like I told you before, the last time! (don’t worry! It’s just a practice, hun!) Oh and after we shake hands, and I call you MADAME President, (you know, just like before) I’ll have you sign this little paper, at the bottom…You don’t have to read it, I told you last time…it’s to signify that it’s just a practice run…it’s just a slight formality, you know the drill!…Oh, and did you want a NEW GUY following you around with the “recipie suitcase,” or do you want to KEEP the one you have?”

    I mean, HECK, Chris…if you think everything I’m telling you is complete BS, imagine how you think I FEEL with most of the stuff that gets typed up here by everyone else….

    For all we know, Anne Dunham and Barack Obama, Sr. Might have been just two crazy college kids helping out THE REAL PARENTS of BARACK OBAMA, who believed that if word got out that THEY had a kid together, it would be the ruin of their HOLLYWOOD CAREERS…and, even if that supposed revelation would DEFINITELY make Barack a “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN” in the eyes of many…it would probably cause people to demand that these two have some “…’splainin to do…”

    I mean, what if the craving for PISTACHIO ICE CREAM took two GIANTS of HOLLYWOOD ROYALTY away from one of those SWANK HAWAIIAN SHIN-DIGS thrown by some H’WOOD MOGUL….

    and they found themselves the next morning waking up in bed, TOGETHER…with that empty ICE CREAM TUB…and the LADY put two and two together…and went for her BASEBALL BAT….and the MAN went and did the FASTEST DRESSING and hitting the door, that the planet ever known…and no one ever said NUTHIN’

    I mean….who could TRUTHFULLY say, with all seriousness, that LENA HORNE could NEVER HAVE BEEN…Barack Obama’s TRUE MOMMA!

    And for that matter….who’d EVER GUESS, in a million years… that maybe she became the secret MOM to the future 44th….

    …by the voice of a cartoon FISH, named “LIMPett?”

    YEP! That would be stretching REALITY…JUST A BIT…..

    but they do say TRUTH is stranger than fiction, right?

    I mean…who wouldn’t want to be in Juanita’s waitress shoes, and have a hot date with Barney Fife….

    Or be swinging with Mr. Furley?

    Because, if it ever DID pan out, that maybe IT’S TRUE….

    Then after this Presidential Gig…maybe, just maybe…BARACK OBAMA could inherit KNOTT’S BERRY FARM…and bring the theme park back!

    (Hey! Who WOULDN’T want to be at CAMP SNOOPY, again?….and get some deep discounts on all that JAM and JELLY and MARMALADE, and SYRUP for the PANCAKES and WAFFLES, right?!)

    -Kapt Blasto! 8 JAN 2013

    • I mean…It ain’t Obama’s fault that he’s got part of his mother’s good looks…and the smarts of his Pop…

      …and the ears of opie taylor…

      …and George Hamilton’s Tan…

      …so why are we busting his shoes?

  • Jamie

    Ok, Im sorry but seriously, have any of you who are here complaining and whining about what the president hasnt done for us actually taken the time to research what he has done for us. Probably not! I say this because you all seem to think that he can just enact any damn thing he wants. Executive orders can only be used in war time (or in state of emergency) and none of what he is proposing is an emergency. He has tried to pass seeral laws and do what he has set out to do, but unfortunatly he has something called congress that stops him. He has to get the house of reps and the senate to agree to the bills/laws that he is trying to enact. If they do not agree then it does not pass. Don’t any of you remember the basics of the constitution or how government works. Before people just go bashing him maybe they should take the time to look it up. Now I am not saying that he is the best president that we have ever had. But he is also not the worst. He walked into a pile of shit left by G.W. that he is trying to clean up. The secracy of the swearing in could be for another reason, is it right , no, but who are we to say without having all of the facts. Imagine how stressful this job is, yes he wanted it, yes he was elected, but you know what he is doing the best he can. Do you think you can do better? Waking into the same $*it storm that he walked into, then run for the presidency. Until then do your research before you talk smack.

  • LibertyTreeBud

    Well, here is my imagination popping off. The whole ‘White House swearing in thing’ for the next prez of US INC will be staged, somewhere. Could be they have two of them. One for the sinister side and one for the human resource, above. Picture ‘Hollywood’ effects. What effects? Hmm there are a lot to consider. The main thing will be the self interest of US INC and the dual citizenships that run the joint.
    Maybe they’ll come out with a movie.

  • Tug

    There was nothing wrong with my comment. It was truthful and factual and I do not appreciate your removing it. Don’t invite comments if you are going to subjectively scrap them because you may not agree with them. You are as bad as the government!

    • ChrisInMaryville

      Ken, relax, as I occasionally have to step away from the computer. Nothing was scrapped or deleted. The only reason to approve any comments at all is because I do not need to see, nor do others, one good comment like yours followed by 65 spam bot posts for fake watches and other non-related crap. I am not approving your comment because I agree, even though I do, but because it is legitimate feedback, which is always appreciated. Guess I picked the wrong time to step out and buy gas and groceries, lol. Sorry for the confusion Ken, no censorship here.

  • Tug

    Whether this evil usurper is sworn in publicly or in secret will not matter in terms of his mission to destroy our country. If those who elected this parasite did not learn what he was the first four years, they will certainly learn what he truly is long before the next four years passes. And given the gutless and treasonous mob of bacteria calling themselves “Congress”, he will not only be allowed but will be enable by them in his sedition. If the people of this country do not rise up now, the simple truth is our future generations will live in complete tyranny if they manage to live at all.